Sarah Josepha Hale

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Godey's Lady's Book Home Page. Hope Greenberg has collected complete issues of Godey's, with color prints, the articles and biography. This is an excellent, well-prepared source,a nd the first place for anyone doing research on the magazine to go.
Godey's Lady's Book On-Line. Ed. Roger Corrie. This is a collection of the 1850 issue of the magazine.
"Sarah Josepha Hale." A biography prepared by Janet Gray, housed on the Legacy: 19th
Century American Women Writers Web
. Short, but useful. Also includes texts & exerpts.
Short list from U of Virginia Library. Includes several short biographies, links to etexts.

Other Articles about Hale
A short article from Crossroads at Virginia, about periodicals, contains three excerpts from Godey's, as well as links.

History of Thanksgiving a very short biography,Written by Christina Corut, that details Hale's efforts to make Thanksgiving a national holiday, among other facts.

The History of Women's Magazines: Magazines as Virtual Communities. A scholarly article about Women's Magazines, which includes some detail of Hale's work on Godey's, by Tracy Seneca. Useful especially for its works cited for you researchers out there.

Sarah Josepha Hale Award Did you know that there is a literary award named in honor of Hale? This page describes the award, as well as gives a list of the distinguished folks who have won-- including the first honoree Robert Frost, and people like Ogden Nash, Michael Dorris, May Sarton & Maxine Kumin. Check it out.

Meet Mr. Godey: The Man and his Times Another useful page is this on Louis Godey, the financial backer of Godey's Ladies. Includes discussion of Mr. Godey, as well as bio of Hale and some photos.

Graphic from Godey's Lady's Book, copyright Hope Greenberg,
University of Vermont. Used by permission.

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