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My Experience With EssayWeb.net: Review of the Academic Archive










Today I am going to tell you about a great learning resource I came across lately. It is called Essay Web and it’s a huge library of academic paper examples – primarily essays, but also other kinds of writing assignments that students can get at high school and college. The greatest boon is that it’s absolutely FREE!

General Essay Web Review: What is this?

Essay Web is exactly what it says in the name – a corner of the internet were essays live. And there are great many of them! I honestly didn’t count – but there are thousands! This is the biggest open archive I’ve seen so far.

If you ever had an assignment that you didn’t understand, you know how important it is to have at least one example before you start working. That’s exactly what EssayWeb does: gives you an example to read, learn, and understand the format. For example, you need to write a reflective essay. What’s that? How does it look? How personal it gets? How do you find the balance between exploring your thought process and aimless meandering?

Before, it would take you hours to go over handbooks and handouts with explanations. Now you can just go to Essay Web, look under “Reflective essays” and see how other students handled this assignment. Finally, someone thought of it! Are there Oscars for webmasters? I have a candidate for their shortlist. By the way, the database has three ways of looking up what you need: by topic, by essay type, and by keyword search. If they have it, you will find it – eventually.

The downsides, although very few, still exist. For the archive of this size, I wouldn’t call their catalog absolutely user-friendly. There are several dozens of different topics and they are ordered alphabetically in one mighty long list, instead of, say clustered under an overarching theme or neatly packed in folder trees. I also got the impression that search by keywords doesn’t yield precise results if you use too many words in one query.

The essays are genuine and helpful, though rather uneven in quality. You may stumble upon a gem that is really well-structured and is an example of great academic writing, but sometimes you will also come across a half-baked attempts clearly made by high-school kids. That’s the major downside of this archive – and of any crowd-sourced collection for that matter. The papers aren’t rated, so you only know what it’s worth when you’ve read it through.

Overall, however, even though I only use this site for a short time, I would call Essay Web reliable. They deliver on their promise whether you are interested in browsing free samples or commissioning a personalized one.

Is EssayWeb Legit to Use?

If you are interested in copying large chunks of the samples into your own work, that would be iffy. As I said earlier, those samples are out there for anyone, so rest assured that any plagiarism check will detect that you have a borrowed piece of text in your paper.

If, however, it’s about is Essayweb safe for their users, then the answer is positively a “yes”. It is an information resource, just like Wikipedia or an online dictionary. They have this enormous base of college papers and you don’t have to download anything or provide any of your data to access it. The free samples on the site are available to anyone, without subscription or anything of that kind. You can read them, learn from them, model your format on them, or use topics for inspiration as much as you want.

You don’t even need to create a user account. You will only need to sign in if you want to place an order. If you haven’t found a sample on the topic you are interested in, they offer a paid service – writing a custom sample that will only be available for you, which is neat. The prices vary widely depending on the academic level and the length of the sample in question, but that’s true for any writing service.


Are There Any Essayweb Discount Codes?

Okay, now a bit more about all that “place an order” business. Being a broke student (and who isn’t?), you 100% want to have a bargain – and that’s where I have great news for you! There is an exclusive coupon code only for the readers of this blog that gives 11 percent off the first order of $30 or more (if you choose to place one). Using it is very simple:

1. Click on any button that says “Hire writer” or “Get essay help” (go for the big blue at the top of the page – you cannot go wrong with that one).

2. This will lead you to the order form where you fill out the blanks with the details about your paper (which particular type you need, which level: high school, college, etc., how many pages, when you need it done, and so on).

3. Click “Continue”. On the next page, you will see a summary of your order and some extra services you can add, but being a frugal one, you probably ignore them anyway. There will be a small “Enter a discount code” link. You click on it and enter LESSISMORE into the empty field that appears.

That’s it! You have just cut 11% off your order, which won’t make you rich, but maybe will buy you a cup of coffee to perk up before the exam. Nice, anyway.

Overall, I would rate this website at 8.9. It’s a great place to go if you are stuck and need inspiration. It’s not 10 out of 10 yet because not all subjects are represented and some of the essays are not complete.