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PaperDueNow Reviews: Ex-Writer Reveals All You Want to Know










Hello, and welcome to my first review attempt. I’ve been working with CodeBeach for 6 months and wish to write about my experience with the company. Please excuse my style since I don’t “write” for the service as such. I am one of the helpers assisting customers with Math calculations and Python programming tasks. This review is going to focus on this side of things. However, there aren’t many Code Beach programming homework help reviews out there, so I’m going to give some information for potential users as well, just in case you’ve ended up reading this while looking for some info about the company’s services. Okay, let’s get acquainted with CodeBeach.

I worked at PaperDueNow.com for almost two years, and I have a lot to say about it. But first, some background is due here.

PaperDueNow has gained massive popularity among, let’s be frank, lazy students. The academic writing movement spearheaded by the company has been underway for more than a decade. Recently, it has been turbo-charged. To cope with the ever-growing demand, Paper Due Now has decided to hire more writers. My crystal ball tells me that you plan on becoming one. Is it a good decision? Is it a bad one? Let’s find out!


Paper Due Now Paper Writing: Why, What, and Why Not?

PaperDueNow is a company selling custom-written, plagiarism free papers to everyone willing to buy them – fortunately, their prices are affordable to students from all walks of life. No questions asked. What do students do with those papers? Hm, what would you do if you had a perfect essay on your hands? Some students use the received paper as a starting point for research. As paragons of academic writing, if you will. Others use them to cheat. The temptation is strong.It is not my intention to spark the discussion of the ethical merits of the writing service or the lack thereof. I will leave it to other Paper Due Now reviews, philosophy professors, and maybe even the pope. The only objective behind writing this paragraph is to make things clear: some students buy academic papers to cheat. If you are okay with that, follow me.

How Do I Know This Information?

As I’ve already mentioned, I worked at PaperDueNow for 2 years. Over that period, I wrote a boatload of essays, lab reports, theses, and whatnot. Basically, my operating motto was: “Pay up, and I will write whatever your heart and college professor desire.” Was it hard? Hell, no! With a smidgen of ingenuity and a dollop of brazenness, it was possible to craft a decent college paper on any topic. Students willingly gave away passwords to academic libraries and databases. Soon enough, I had a few dozens of those. All scholarly information one could possibly wish for was at my fingertips. Afterward, writing papers for students was a trifling matter.

In practice, academic writing is less about scholarly rigor and more about one’s ability to paraphrase and avoid plagiarism. Essentially, it is what I did for two years while my headphones were blasting mean hard rock. I would find a couple of suitable articles and paraphrase the heck out them to have a respectable paper in the end. It was an easy and lucrative endeavor.

What Does PaperDueNow Pay?

Did I make a decent living writing essays on my couch? I can’t boast of having luxurious watches and designer dresses, but I did okay. Prices for academic paper writing were sky high. There were papers that cost in the vicinity of $500. Sure, I wasn’t paid the whole sum. Some of that money floated into the accounts of PaperDueNow guys. Nevertheless, the bulk of student’s money was mine.

Sure, there were some downsides to working at PaperDueNow – revisions, customer complaints, and tight deadlines – but they were negligible most of the time.


Are there PaperDueNow Promo Codes?

Largely forgettable, often innocuous, and sometimes downright irritating PaperDueNow promo codes are all over people’s social media newsfeeds. Even if those colorful ads have hijacked your attention one too many times, don’t fret. They are your allies. Because promo codes help to attract hordes of students who will bring you a metric ton of money. That’s of course if you decide to join the ranks of PaperDueNow.

PaperDueNow Discount Code Doesn’t Cheapen Your Work, Right?

There are newbie writers who don’t like discounts. They mistakenly believe that coupons cheapen their work. Some go so far as to call the company’s discount policy a “PaperDueNow scam.” It’s a mistake! When offering a coupon, PaperDueNow doesn’t want to fraud you out of your money. Remember: you always get paid in full even if a customer cut the price of their paper. Rather than being cautious of coupons, you should welcome them. After all, they exist to attract more customers, which is something all financially-driven writers like. And judging by customer testimonials, students also love them. I, as a former worker, still have a cool discount that lets you save 11% of your first order. I'm happy to share it - GETPAPER - just enter it when you make your order and the price will go down. You can follow the link bellow to try.

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Is PaperDueNow Legit?

Yes, it is. PaperDueNow operates within the US legal framework. Furthermore, I was always paid on time. A reliable admin panel was there to ensure that all orders were accounted for. It showed how much I made for each paper, my impending orders, and other sundry stats. The account was protected by a login and password, which is why I didn’t worry about anything.

Final Rating

Working for PaperDueNow was a gratifying experience. The agency is one of those rare places where one can hone their writing skills without worrying about making their ends meet. With the kind of money PaperDueNow pays its writers, the ends meet at a predetermined location, then hug and start kissing.

Paper Due Now is an awesome company to work for, which is why its final rating is 8.0 out of 10.