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Here's a thrilling premise for all of you readers: I've been burning the candle at both ends while being consequently PaperHelp.org's customer and then an employee. How come? Well, life moves in mysterious ways; get to know my story presented below.

College Life Savior

The start of my story is, perhaps, quite typical for many college students with a major in humanities.

Religious studies require a lot of reading and writing – and a lot of time for all that. Tuition fees and rented accommodation require money – and a lot of time for a part-time job. While working as a waitress let my financial ends meet, it left me too little time to fulfill all of my assignments promptly. now I see that addressing professional online writing service was a question of 'when,' not 'if.'

Long story short, I first ordered an essay on the cultural anthropology of religion (to be precise, piety practices in Orthodox Christianity) from some website I now don't even remember. I was young and inexperienced, the website was all so flashy and attractive, and the paper was awful – naturally. Thus, by trial and error, I ended up ordering from PaperHelp . and it worked miracles! I took full advantage of the opportunity: essays, reviews, research papers, term papers, even presentations were flowing one after another. I'd say they totaled to over five dozen papers in 2,5 years, taking a significant part of the academic workload off my shoulders and letting me feel the fun side of college life to the fullest.

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Does PaperHelp.org Discount Code Work Like a Charm?

Looking back at my customer experience at PaperHelp, it doesn't seem like just another writing company; it seems more like a mysterious planet in a far-away galaxy. Distant and beautiful, it exerts gravity on customers and writers (more about that later), pulling them in its orbit. Maybe, for this reason, the company has adorned its website with space-inspired imagery. There's a lot going on at the website that deserves a close look, but especially so a customer panel. The otherworldly simplicity of the panel makes its use a veritable pleasure. To sign in to their personal space, students can use Facebook, Google account, or PaperHelp org login. Once there, they can order a paper, check delivery status, or apply a discount code.

Speaking of which, I loved PaperHelp coupons. The codes and coupons for PaperHelp services are scattered all over their website and the entire Web. They act like breadcrumbs for students famished for cheap help. Due to a well-measured marketing strategy of the company, I rarely ordered a paper without some kind of discount. Even when I did, I usually used previously collected Loyalty Program credits to cut the initial price. If that's not awesome, then I don't know what is. Here is one cool discount for you, if you decide to order - LESSISMORE. With the LESSISMORE discount code you can order an essay with a 11% reduction on your first order higher than $30.

From a Customer to a Service Provider

I knew that I'd work for PaperHelp long before I did my time in my educational institution. At that time, I was convinced that it would be a temporary option while a fresh-outta-college bachelor in religious studies is looking for a decent job. Flexible schedule, fair wage, and opportunity to do what I could do really good – what else would you wish from a job? Eventually, I spent almost 3 years helping young students write their papers on religion and related subjects. How did that happen? As described below.

I would tell people not to call in the morning.

The silence was needed to put myself into a deep state of mesmerism. When I could hear a clock ticking and almost hear coffee filling up all nooks and crannies of my guts, I was at the peak of productivity. I drew deep, slow breathes and wrote one paper after another.

There was lots of work at PaperHelp.

The writing agency was making money hand over fist. And I wanted to earn a piece of their pie.

Now I detail my writing experience at Paper Help to let others know all the ins and outs of working there.

PaperHelp Writing Experience as a Form of Meditation

Meditation through exercise is all the rage nowadays. Meditation through PaperHelp essay writing is something unheard of.

After realizing how mindful, energized, and satisfied I was while working at the company, it becomes clear: writing is also a form of meditation. Every day, I would harmonize my mind and spirit while producing hall of fame-caliber papers. The more I enjoyed the process, the better I wrote, the higher my salary got, the more I enjoyed the process. It was an ultimate virtuous cycle.

Here's how it worked:


Order Assignment

Orders were assigned by Shift Managers. Those folks knew my preferences well enough to task me only with the most challenging and exciting papers. Occasionally, the size of a challenge would overshadow my ability to rise to it. In such cases, Shift Managers reassigned the complicated orders to someone more experienced. Thus, I had two things that are prominently lacking in other companies: choice and variety.


Order Fulfillment

To fulfill customers' orders, I had to conduct research using academic databases and, well, write papers using writing skills acquired in college. Was it difficult? Sometimes it was. But most of the time, it was a meditative cakewalk. I wrote at least 50 papers on the meaning of leadership in nursing (no exaggeration here).


Order Evaluation

Each essay/case study/report/etc. was evaluated by the agency's Quality Assurance department. PaperHelp.org hired experienced editors who checked my writing for uniqueness and supplied me with indispensable style improvement suggestions. With their help, I quickly refined my essay writing game.


Order Revisions

Once in a blue moon, I had to revise an order. A persnickety professor would ask to elaborate a point or reinforce it with a quote. At the time, I hated revisions, but in retrospect, they don't seem like too much of a bother.

What Are Money Matters at PaperHelp?

Cushioned between other, arguably less interesting sections of the article is the most succulent part – a discussion of money.

PaperHelp.org writers enjoy a bi-weekly salary in exchange for their services. Those with more experience or niche expertise (statistics, physics, etc.) have higher wages than their fresh-out-of-college colleagues. That's just how it went. Even though I didn't have too much experience behind my writing belt, a sizeable share of clients' money was immediately transferred to my account. The company was generous.

The agency also offered both short-and long-term monetary incentives to its writers. For example, I was rewarded for returning customers who chose me as their preferred paper writer. Furthermore, Paper Help wasn't stingy with promotions. After only a few months of working there, my salary rose by 10%. Incomes of my colleagues also increased with awe-evoking regularity.

Is There Any PaperHelp.org Scam You Should Be Aware Of?

There is a shady paperhelp.com website (not to be confused with PaperHelp.org). The site looks and feels nothing like the official one. Do not get duped by the scamming web page to disclose your personal information or give away your work for free.

Remember: the legit writing agency you are looking for is PaperHelp.org.

Is PaperHelp.org Legit?

Enough with lyrics, though; let's get back to serious subjects. The company is a safe and reliable provider of home-based employment. It's a good place to start your writing career and move slowly toward a more lucrative job. As far as I know, PaperHelp neither breaks the law (maybe, bends it a little within due limits). As such, it is a perfectly legit organization.

What is the Final Verdict about PaperHelp?

PaperHelp was an awesome place both to get competent writing help and to start a writing career. The above-mentioned monetary perks and smart managerial approaches swirled together into the brilliant and fascinating company culture. A steady flow of familiar topics anchored the writing experience in here and now, but the unexpected orders lent it unmoored, floating quality. Taken together, the working process was comforting yet intriguing. It was easy to love the company when it helped me get through college, and it was fair to love the company when it helped me earn hard, cold cash. Therefore, my PaperHelp rating is 9.7 out of 10.

Several Customer Reviews About PaperHelp

Here are just several of the great many customer reviews that my supervising PaperHelp manager regularly sent me while I was working there. He probably studied me so well that understood how motivating this feedback is to me and makes me work harder.


Thanks so much! Your research paper on homosexuality in main religions is really comprehensive. I've just added several accents by inserting my subjective point of view – and the piece was ready to go.



Excellent service and a great writer! Two other services I contacted didn't even find an author for an article on the economics of religion in the US. Here I got a neat 7-page paper clearly composed by an expert in the field. Recommended.



Would you be able to write about theological approaches to global warming right off the bat? I wouldn't. That's why I ordered the piece on PaperHelp. The risk came up trumps when I found out the grade! Will definitely order again.



Everything was like freaking clockwork – simple order, quick turnaround, great quality. I strongly endorse PaperHelp staff and writers for professionalism.



Smooth service but most importantly – high-quality content in terms of meaningfulness. Couple minor flaws (like misplaced comma or curly quotes instead of straight ones) don't count; moreover, they've fixed them for free in several hours.