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I’m not going to provide a nebulous version of the classic “yes, but” excuse to justify my involvement in the paper writing service industry. Neither am I going to preen and try to score brownie points. I will tell it like it is.

I worked at CyberPaperBoy.com for a better part of a year while enjoying every minute of the experience. And there is an argument to be made that individuals with decent writing skills may also share my sentiment should they happen to join the company. For those plucky few who would dare to step into the shoes of an academic writer, here’s a candid review of the company.

Are CyberPaperBoy's Prices and Discounts Good?

Marketing whizzes hired by Cyber Paper Boy have performed admirably in developing the pricing strategy. The competition within the writing industry is as cutthroat as it is high, which is why setting the right price is paramount in convincing a customer to release the tight grip on their money. Needless to say, Cyber Paper Boy prices were just right; otherwise, I wouldn’t have a torrent of customers.

Another point worth highlighting is that the customers had the option of choosing a longer deadline to reduce the price of their paper. The price could also be lowered/increased by changing the writing level: high school, college, university, or Ph.D. Given the considerable tweaking possibilities, the price varied greatly. Some paper cost as little as $10 a page, others as much as $49 a page. Obviously, my financial fancy was tickled the most by papers that fell on the higher end of the price spectrum.

The customers could even decide in advance that their paper should be written by a preferred writer if they had any, that is. Even though this approach was the smartest, it was costly. Therefore, many customers did not pay extra for specific writers. Instead, they settled for ones selected by the company. Given the rigorous hiring process, the students always had access to the cream of the writing crop, which almost guaranteed good results regardless of a person delivering help.

In addition to low pricing, the company explored other avenues of attracting clients. The oldest trick in the book: play a discount pipe, and customers will follow. The marketing ploy was so simple that it was almost depressing to see the company deploy it. This notwithstanding, expecting the for-profit organization to relinquish a great money-making opportunity is, to put it mildly, foolish. Happily, the company’s financial incentives fit nicely with mine.

When observing how many customers applied JETPACK code to get 11% off the first purchase, I twirled my mustache in anticipation of their return. Once students purchased a paper, there was no way back. They grudgingly paid the full price over and over again just to avoid the chore of writing.

How About Website Usability?

Clearly, web developers were showboating when they put together the website. It was simply too slick. Personally, I have no use for shiny tabs and vivid graphics – perhaps that’s my utilitarian side speaking. Speaking of which, the website was hella convenient. Students could order my help within minutes. Order management was similarly easy. Instead of ping-ponging between tabs, customers could control their order from the convenience of specifically-designed Admin Panel. Downloading additional materials, changing order instructions, messaging with writers, and more – all in one place.

In the same vein, professional writers had their own Admin Panel. I used it daily to receive customer instructions, communicate with students, submit finished Cyber PaperBoy papers, and calculate my earnings among others. The access to my private admin space was protected by the company’s firewall and my password.

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Is Papers Quality High Enough?

The writing quality had to be high. I wish I could have slacked on the job, but it wasn’t possible. The Quality Assurance department was there to ensure that I did not let my time go to waste and always kept the writing quality up. After I finished a paper and hit the Submit button, it would be automatically rerouted to Quality Assurance specialists who were basically highly-trained editors. Then they would check the paper for plagiarism, instructions adherence, style, grammar, and punctuation. If something was amiss, I had a chance to revise the paper before it ended up on the customer’s computer. Thus, I almost never had to deal with customer complaints. The finished custom writing students received was always doubled-checked and, ergo, faultless.

Is CyberPaperBoy Legit? Yes, It Is

As an aspiring academic writer, you may be interested in verifying the employer’s legitimacy. As you no doubt aware, verification is indispensable scam prevention measure. When your loss is regarded as somebody’s gain, your guard must always be up. It is with this mindset that I approached the verification of the company back when I only considered the employment there. Here’s what I did to ensure that Cyber PaperBoy is a legit and trustworthy company. I started by verifying its IRS account registration through the IRS.gov website. As it turned out, the company had a real tax ID number (EIN), which meant that the business entity was a legitimate one. After the writing agency’s identity was confirmed, I conducted research to learn what students think about the provided paper writing services. Soon enough, I realized that the company’s online image is not far away from impeccable. When I was hired, I had a firsthand chance to ensure that the company was safe.

Final Verdict? CyberPaperBoy Rules!

What I loved about my job at Cyber Boy was a creative environment that electrified me and made me feel engaged and excited. The flexible schedule and a high degree of control it bestowed upon me were also a huge plus. And last but not least, I treasured the ability to share my musings using the pompous academic lingo while getting paid for it. Therefore, I rate CyberPaperBoy at 8.7/10 and cherish my memory of it.

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