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Not Your Common EssaysWriter Review: A Look from Within










Today I will be reviewing the EssaysWriter service, where I’ve been lucky to work for a year now. This company provides academic support to students focusing on writing tasks and also helping with STEM and calculations. This is not the first service I work for, but the first that I don’t want to change – at least not yet. In this review, I will tell you what you should know about EssaysWriter if you are looking for a job as an academic writer. If you are a student in need of assistance, you can also find it helpful – plus, I will be giving some tips on how to make sure you get the most out of your collaboration with the service, so read on.

My Unconventional Essaywriter.Org Review: Writer Side

Okay, let’s start with the basics. How does it all work? If you are a writer, the first thing you do is apply to work with the service. You first go through an English proficiency test since excellent grammar, spelling, and command of written language are mandatory. Then, you submit the credential confirming your degree, experience, and expertise in the field you intend to write in. If the two first steps go okay, you will be invited for a video interview – it’s not as stressful as it sounds, honestly! Especially if you love what you do and are enthusiastic about this opportunity.

When you are approved, you set your writer profile, where you indicate your areas of expertise, preferred hours of availability, workload you are prepared to take weekly, etc. This is not set in stone, obviously, and you can change your preferences if your situation changes.

According to that info, your profile will display orders that are relevant to your academic curiosities. However, before taking the order, I recommend you check the details and comments by the customer just to be on the safe side. Sometimes, additional skills, like understanding books in a foreign language, are required. Also, make sure you check the deadline and – I cannot stress this enough – measure your pace. One rookie mistake I made was taking up every suitable assignment until my schedule was choke full and I couldn’t afford to take breaks. Don’t do this to yourself! There will always be another order, so you can afford to pick and choose. Quality over quantity.

The first couple of months, you are considered a newbie writer, even if you have worked with services like this before, so managers will check in on you to make sure you are coping alright and give you feedback.

Essayswriter.Org Discount, Login, Ordering Process, and Delivery: Student Side

How does it look for a customer, then? Even simpler! You go to essayswriter.org and click the “Hire Writer” button. Then, everything is pretty intuitive:

You give assignment details

The form has all the slots and fields clearly labeled, so you won’t miss anything important: deadline, lengths, academic level, topic, etc.

You choose additional services

Once you have filled out all the details about your assignment, you get the price estimation. From there, you can proceed to order or add some extra boons, like premium service, extended revision time, etc.

You apply your promo code

Before finalizing the deal, don’t forget to apply any coupon codes, loyalty credits, etc. Coupons can be found on the top and side banners on the website. As a rule, there is always some seasonal offer going. If not, you can have 11% off the first order as a new customer with “WRITENOW” promo code. Shh, this one is on me;)

That said, I wouldn’t believe the coupon websites that promise you access to promo codes wondrously slashing 70% off all prices – for a subscription. Those are dubious and at least guilty of false advertising. At most – they can scam you, so I wouldn’t recommend sourcing your coupons for EssaysWriter on third-party aggregators, especially if they demand money from you to benefit from their “offers.” Your best bet is on-site sale announcements or personalized offers you get in your email as a registered customer.

You register and pay for the order

Speaking of which, before you can check out, you will need to create a user account. Don’t worry, it’s super-easy. You need nothing but an active email as a login. Make sure you have access to it because your login info and all communication will be directed there.

You track your order and keep in touch with your writer

After you pay for the order, you get access to your customer control panel, where you can track the progress of your order. As a rule, the suitable writer is found within minutes, so you can check in through the online chat to give more detailed directions concerning your paper or just to say hi. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, add files, send your class notes, or anything that might be helpful in customizing your sample to your needs! Writers appreciate and welcome your input.

You get your sample

Before the time allotted for the sample completion elapses, the paper is ready. It goes through a couple of QA checks and editing after going from writer to you, but it usually all happens way before the deadline. You download the file from your control panel or send it to your email if you need to access it discretely.

You are a happy cinnamon roll

That’s it! You are now a happy student with one thing less to worry about. If anything in your sample isn’t as it should be, you can send it back for free revision, and the writer will fix it ASAP.

Not Custom Writing Alone: EssaysWriter Free Tools to Boost Your Skills

As a student who struggles with writing, you will appreciate the collection of free writing tools gathered on the EssaysWriter website: free online paper checker, title generator, accurate citation tool, etc. Of course, most students prefer their word processor’s built-in features to run a grammar check for college papers, but some might rely on open-source, free software that doesn’t necessarily offer spellcheck and robust grammar features, so it’s a nice resource to have.

Personally, I use a citation tool quite a lot to make sure I appropriately attribute everything I quote. Moreover, re-formatting bibliography entries in a required style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) can be a royal pain if you forget which one it’s supposed to be this time, so tools like this are really helpful to optimize the writer’s work and ensure timely delivery.

Is This the Best EssayWriter Review You Can Find? – Probably!

I don’t know if my experience with EssaysWriter is typical, but I would definitely recommend any smart young person who has a way with words to check it out as a side gig or full-time employment – depending on your needs and constraints. You can control how much work you take, so it’s flexible while providing a steady income.

I rate this service 9,0. It would be higher if there were more corporate events and team-building activities. I know that as a part of a remote international team, the best I can hope for is Zoom parties, but a girl can dream, right?

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