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Paper Samples and Alternative “Herstory”

Welcome to the page where the works of great female authors live! We encourage you to read them and to discover great new stories, worlds and plots. You’ll find the works of different genres and styles; we welcome all kinds of writers as there are so many beautiful unheard voices that deserve your attention!

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Discovering the Power of Female Writers

Female perspectives have been notably absent in both modern and classic literary narratives. Without powerful female stories, we are alienated from deep spiritual experiences of contemporary women, which is why it is so important to articulate them. Understanding this, we help our readers discover alternative “herstory” written by a vibrant community of female authors. Our contributors are doing infinitely more than filling the literary void – they help fellow writers to find and define personal power. Where once was a vacuum, now there is an ensemble of proud female voices.

Embark on a literary journey with our novice and accomplished female authors. Who knows, maybe the vivid worlds built by our contributors will inspire you to create your own worlds and tell your own stories. At the very least they will make you laugh, cry, and think.

Academic Paper Sample and Our Works

We are female authors, and we want our stories to be read. Sometimes we manage to tame our little howling demons; other times, they get out of control. Sometimes, we are scared and confused; other times, we are ecstatic and victorious. We are just like you. Many of us are students who juggle their academic and creative duties at Purdue University, Oxford, and Valencia College. Upon finishing an argumentative essay, we go and outline our next fanfiction novel. We are skilled at turning observation into inspiration and can’t help but share it. Here, you can find everything: vampire stories, teen fiction, poetry, romance novels, historical fiction, and even an occasional MLA paper sample or a research paper sample. Some literary categories overlap and strengthen each other, thereby creating vibrant mélanges of style and format. We would like you to read, review, critique, praise, and share the webs of wonder spun by us. Together, we will inspire new generations of writers from different cultural backgrounds and classes, thereby enlarging the diverse universe of female authorship.

Why Read Paper Sample by Female Authors

Female authorship is a beautiful example of women empowerment. Many writers publishing their works here aim to reshape the direction of the current literary narrative. Thus, their contributions to this website function as an instigation of public thought and action. However, you don’t have to write to encourage the rising movement of female authorship. All you have to do is read.

We have worked hard to increase women’s access to modern avenues of publication. Female authors from all over the world have toiled to gain their unique voices. Now, it’s your turn to help them. You, as a reader, can popularize and empower both individual authors and the blooming movement of female authorship.

Even when our writers are unaware of it, their character arcs, themes, and even the words they choose are always a statement. And someone needs to read it – whether it is beautiful, dark, cheering, painful, or healing. Having been estranged from the literary marketplace, our female authors express their statements with panache and elegant touch. They want to:

  • raise questions;
  • persuade and gain approval;
  • amuse and delight;
  • transmit knowledge;
  • explore new dimensions;
  • arouse emotions and sympathies;
  • take a stand;
  • empower and inspire;
  • show worlds without borders;
  • illuminate dark corners.

It doesn’t matter that much whether you read a college romance novel or an APA paper sample published by our writers, you help anyways. Your avid readership is appreciated by our contributors who, above all else, want you to wander across paths not taken. Each click you make on our website unlocks the floodgates of creativity; each story you read here dares you to stretch your horizons. So, don’t be afraid to read and don’t be afraid to explore. Don’t be afraid!