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If you, just like me, know your way around the keyboard, don't mind research work, and would like to convert your skills into some cash, you might consider jumping up on board of an academic writing company. And if like me again, you happened to consider joining a service called 99papers.com, a few insider's revelations below might save you quite a bit of disappointment and even months of work that doesn't equal the reward. To find out more, read this outright 99papers review Reddit comments cannot offer.

Real 99papers Reviews of What This Service Is Like

Just like other so-called writing and research assistance companies, 99papers.com is ready to handle a long list of writing products and services: from simple essays of all study levels, course works, thesis, and dissertations to a marketing plan, poems, or web content. However, I haven't written any of the latter, focusing fully on the student works. Apart from writing essays from scratch, the company also offers such services as editing and rewriting. The prices start at $9.95 per page and increase depending on the deadline, the academic level of the paper, and the professional level of a writer. Basically, choosing an ENL or a degreed writer adds an extra charge per each page, but more on that later. The deadline span falls between 15 days and 3 hours.

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Is Working for 99 papers Worth It?

First of all, I should say that the prices at 99papers are lower than the average. Although it may work to the customers' advantage, the situation for the writers is completely opposite. Newbie writers here get only 20% of each order's price, while writers with several months of experience and a proven record of completed orders are paid 30%. Given that the pricing policy at 99papers is rather modest, the majority of workers are left with peanuts, which gives them little to no motivation to keep the quality of writing high – an issue that many customers point out in their 99papers.com reviews.

As mentioned above, native speakers and those holding an academic degree are paid more thanks to the additional writing fee. While both these characteristics apply to me, I was getting somewhat more than many, but the income still wasn't what I initially hoped for. Trying to manage more orders soon resulted in burning out, hence paving the way for me to quit after just five months onboard.

Speaking of 99papers employees: due to working remotely, I never met co-workers in person, but some scraps of conversations with my manager and support team made me think that the majority of writers come from far and beyond, possibly from African and Asian countries. To that matter, my curator on the Support side didn't sound like a native English speaker, too. His emotional coldness and imperfect English has caused some misunderstanding between us, resulting in the need to rewrite several almost-ready papers.

99 papers Discount Code, Refund System, and Other Bonuses

I don't know what about now, but during my time at 99papers, all first-time customers can expect a free plagiarism report and a 5% discount on their order. As I have had only one order from a returning customer, it seemed to me that the company's business model implied attracting many new clients instead of retaining current users. I have doubts that this approach had a positive effect on the overall service quality. If they change that, they might still have a chance to establish themselves as a fully reliable agency.

To get a 99papers.com coupon, one should request it from the Support team and type it into the order form. Besides, the company also offers a refund system and occasional promo discounts.

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Is 99papers a Legit Service?

Now, the question that both the potential writers and the customers may have: is 99papers legit or is it a fraud? Well, formally, it's legit. Having worked there, I never saw a scammed customer who got nothing for the money they paid. The company has a well-organized money-back policy and runs all papers through some type of anti-plagiarism software. On the other hand, my curator several times complained about the high level of revision requests, which leads me to the conclusion that the quality of essays often isn't satisfactory. This leaves the question of how reliable 99papers.com is open.

My Verdict

Can I call my experience of working for 99papers.com terrible? Well, not really. But after five months of non-stop writing samey papers without great returns, I decided to make a clean break and managed to find a worthier job with a competitor. Whether one should follow my example or proceed with 99papers and see where this path of ghostwriting leads is completely up to you. However, I wouldn't recommend writers to come here with overly high expectations. Overall, I support other online ratings websites and give 99papers.com 7/10.