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To help you find the best possible job, we’ve collected reviews of essay writing companies composed by the members of our community. Read them to find answers to the most popular questions female ghostwriters have like what are the best writing companies to work for; are essay mills legit; are essay writing services safe, and many, many others.

Among the countless mysteries of the writing craftsmanship, none is so opaque as the life of a professional academic writer – a skilled wordsmith saving hapless students who, for the life of them, cannot string a sentence together. “What does set them apart from their writing brethren?” you ask. Well, nitty-gritty aside, great academic writers take pride in their craftsmanship, which is why they are unwilling to settle for lousy employment.


If you polled ghostwriters asking what makes for great employment, most would probably mention salary. Academic ghostwriters would beg to differ. For them, flexibility, variety, and community are what really matters. This is not to say that ghostwriting essayists are not interested in making big bucks – they are. However, work becomes meaningful for them only if they like and respect their company.

If you don't settle for less than an ideal working environment, then periodically browse this section of our website. Our female contributors will give you heads up about unscrupulous employers and downright illegal agencies. Here, you will also find the pros and cons of employment in the most popular essay writing companies.

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There is a writing profession unlike any other. The best of them write up to 10,000 pages of scholarly literature per year, but you won’t find their names on a single paper. They help many clients obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the top universities of the country while remaining in the shadows.

At this point, you are probably wondering: Who are they? But we want you to ask: Do I want to become one of them?

The profession we are referring to is an academic ghostwriter.

Now that you got it out of your system, let us shatter all preconceived notions of what it means to be an invisible author. There are indeed some horrible writing agencies that treat their employees no better than slaves. However, there are also companies that lionize their surrogate authors. If you are lucky enough to get a position at the right company, you will feel the romance of academic ghostwriting in all its scholarly majesty. If not, you will enter a brutal Kafkaesque nightmare.

Yes, they do. Some writing agencies are extremely popular among students who pay good money for high-quality research and writing. By serving to hundreds of thousands of clients, the companies rake in huge profits, which they share with their writers. Read our reviews to find the companies that treat their clients and employees fairly.

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