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Academized Writing Service – The Company’s Mask Slips










My generosity knows no bounds – I am always quick to buy a round or give a foot massage – yet I can offer you no good words about Academized.

Yes, I know, it’s fashionable to complain about greedy corporations and mean bosses. But, the truth is I’m not doing it for thumbsy upies nor do I need to vent, which brings me to this:

I’m in a real pickle.

On the one hand, it is not exactly nice to badmouth your former employer. On the other hand, someone else may repeat my mistake of joining their writing team if I stay mum.

You know what? We all should draw the line somewhere. And my line is drawn at unpaid vacations and toxic working environment. Therefore, instead of siding with the profit-driven company, I choose to support the little guy.

So, for all of you creative writing majors who consider joining Academized, here’s an honest review of the company. Out of respect for my former colleges, I will opt for delicate wording, but, otherwise, no holds will be barred.

Brace yourself: Academized is about to get intellectually brutalized.


Sneak Peak of Academized Review: HTF I Got There

Although regularly denounced by media, the gears of academic paper writing machine keep spinning. I’m not going to pretend that I had (or, for that matter, have) bad feelings about the industry as a whole. You wouldn’t find me among pearl-clutchers who bemoan the rise of contract cheating. Therefore, when Academized bleeped on my radar, a year ago, I gave it serious consideration.

Being an unpaid marketing intern wasn’t what one might call a dream job, so I what-the-helled and submitted a resume to Academized. Pretty soon, I had a webcam interview, which was followed by a grammar test. Fast-forward two weeks and I'm having on-the-job training.

The training included rote learning of citation styles, perusing of customer service guides, and writing. I was surprised to discover that the writing was sidelined by other priorities of minor importance, which didn’t include the development of research skills – no small thing for an academic writer. Anyhow, I passed the training and became a full-time employee.

Academized Discount Code, Salary, and Corner-Cutting

As they say in my community, my mama’s child-rearing efforts have produced a person with high intelligence and emotional quotients. Therefore, I didn’t expect Academized to shower me with riches; all I wanted was a fair pay. Turns out, it was too much to ask of Academisers.

The company charges debt-ridden students up to $42 per page. Given the enormous prices, guess how much I get paid for writing those papers: A half of that money? A quarter perhaps? No and no. Writers got miserly $8, which means my labor was alienated for a fraction of its real cost. I wouldn’t go so far as to call the practice ruthless exploitation, but if it’s not a dictionary definition of cheating, I don’t know what is.

I was promised a pay raise, which failed to materialize. Hence, I had to boost my productivity to cover the rent, groceries, gas, and whatnot, while enriching Academized in the process. Needless to say, the increase in the number of written pages per day came at the expense of quality. Most papers were under-researched; some were submitted without editing. Academize seemed not to be bothered by it, even though the refund rates were quite high and the average user rating of the service was low. With traffic to its site dwindling, Academized tried to lure more customers with promo codes and coupon deals. What’s more, it’s ads started to appear on YouTube. Clearly, the company was desperate and quite understandably so since Academized Reddit, Quora, Glassdoor, and other major websites called Academized scam.

I was guilty about cutting corners, which factored in my decision to quit. The final straw was the company’s request to post fake Academized essays review on different social platforms in an effort to buoy up its online reputation. The only option was to politely remove myself from the equation.

Is Academized a Good Website? I Have Bad News for You

It’s time to address the wooly mammoth in the room: Is Academized legit, reliable, and safe? Neither descriptor seems to be applicable here. If the company doesn’t change its ways soon, it won’t avoid the dismal fate of the aforementioned ancient animal.

Does Academized Plagiarize Papers?

Everyone writing papers for the company has to sign in to its order management app where all materials can be checked for uniqueness. So, credit where credit is due: there is no plagiarism in Academized papers.

Takeaway Message

Let’s wrap it up. I rate the company at 5.3 out of 10 because its only intention is to serve its bottom line without any regard for customers and employees. The brief working experience at Academized took a toll on my mental health. Since I’m in a position to save unfortunate writers who may decide to join the company, let me warn you: don't ignore my Academized reviews, stay away from this agency.