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It seems that many freelancers have taken up editing as a job. No wonder, as it's usually the stage of academic writing that many students need assistance the most. If you are interested in working from home but cannot find anything suitable, our resource is here to help you with comprehensive testimonials on the most popular academic writing services. In this article, we are delving into the Kibin essay writing with a thorough review by a wannabe academic writer. It will cover everything you need to know about the company to make a decision if it's a gig you wish to try.

The reason I chose freelance academic writing is that it allows me to work part-time. I can work a bit in the morning, then run, shower, eat lunch with my friends and then go back to work. However, as I'd been told that at the moment I come a bit short of writing skills to work as an author and craft papers from scratch, I started my career with proofreading as a Kibin editor. The Kibin website is a 400+ thousand collection of sample papers of any kind and on any topic, from an argumentative essay to a lab report or a thesis. Here, students can get inspiration for their works or ask for help in checking and editing their own papers. That said, Kibin.com isn't like numerous online writing agencies that take over the dirty job and compose customized texts for lazy students.


What Do Kibin Jobs Actually Include?

Now when you have a general idea of what Kibin is, let's see what a common sample editor is expected to do here. Or, to be more precise, what I was doing here. My main task was to review the unpublished samples and go over the drafts with a fine-tooth comb – check grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, structure, originality, and everything else to make papers look awesome. Of course, I was doing my best to make docs impeccable; however, sometimes the quality of raw material was so poor that it's been a mission impossible. Though, they still were published, just for the sake of quantity.

As editors, we were provided with several writing assistance tools to help us perform our duties (like Kibin plagiarism checker and Kibin thesis builder) – they are now available on the website. Yet, I didn't usually use them as they don't really work properly. Overall, a great idea leaves much to be desired when it comes to execution.

Is Kibin Free? How the Service Earns Money to pay Editors?

Let me tell you right from the start: the pay here is decent for this type of work, but proofreading at Kibin won't make you rich if it's the only income you depend on.

How does the service make money to pay the employees? Well, that's one of the very few paid subscription-based sample databases. So, is the Kibin account free? No. A couple of words about its pricing system. Monthly and yearly plans at $14.99 and $59.95 accordingly provide access to the collection of papers and give customers some free credit from editing their own essays. Besides, there is an option to have your paper proofread (at $19.99 and above) even without the active subscription, though such orders are very rare. As you see, editing services here cost way above the market average. Besides, I don't remember any Kibin coupon code or discount offers.

While the business model seems fair, as an editor, you'll never be awash with cash. I know that some people report making 500 dollars a week, give or take, spending most of their time proofreading papers. Kibin also says you can level up and earn more, but I haven't found much from other team members to confirm the point.

On the other hand, they never delayed my editor pay, and I heard the sweet jingle of coins once a month.

Is Kibin Editing and Sample Service a Reliable Workplace?

Now that you know a bit more about the service, you might be wondering, is Kibin legit and is it safe to work here? You probably know that essay writing companies are often accused of promoting academic cheating among students. Sure, the decision to hand in a sample prepared for you as your own (even if it's crafted specifically for you) is more of an ethical question than something illegal. However, it's not the case when we talk about databases of model papers. Here, at Kibin, employees don't write papers for students from scratch, so you can sleep at night – you're not doing anything wrong. To cut a long story short, though the company could pay its employees more, it's a decent company that makes money on helping students overcome their writer's block or polish their papers.

One thing that embarrassed me is that the Kibin's editors team cast presented on the website and meant to inspire more trust in potential customers is outdated or even fake. Maybe and probably, these people have worked here, but within several months I've been working here, I have had a few chances to communicate with other editors – and none of those were people you can see on the website.

Kibin Essays Database Verdict

For aspiring writers with no experience or people looking for additional income and who don't want work to dominate their lives, working at Kibin is a feasible career option. It's not a scam in regards to neither customers nor writers. So, if you are okay with the average rates, it makes sense to stay here before moving to a better-paying job. Plus, I personally didn't see any opportunities for growth here, unlike at WowEssays, where I work at the moment. To sum up my Kibin review, the service gets a 7-out-of-10 rating as a workplace.

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