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My Admissions Essay Review from a Writer’s Perspective










While some academic writing companies slowly asphyxiate, My Admission Essay enjoys rapid growth.

Shed no tear: the dinosaur companies are meant to die. I have worked for one of them and jumped ship at the first opportunity. Instead of warming a chair in a dusty office wondering when the company will go belly up, I joined MyAdmissionsEssay.com.

Turns out that trusting my instincts was a brilliant idea.

Aside from the fact that My Admissions Essay enabled me to work anywhere I could find an Internet connection, it also helped me to make a good living.

Decent money from the comfort of my gray sweatpants. What else? Read the article to find out. It describes what it’s like to work for My Admissions Essay. I’ve been compelled to share my experience of being a writer after answering one too many questions from my friends who have also wanted to work there.

For busy writers out there, here’s the TLDR version of the article: Merit-based raises at MyAdmissionsEssay.com? Check. Decent salary? Check. Friendly colleagues, management, and clients? Check, check, check!

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Where Do You Find MyAdmissionsEssay Discount Code?

Why do you keep seeing Myadmissionsessay coupons in your Facebook feed? Well, simply because it is one of many gimmicks employed to generate a steady stream of customers who order admission essay help services. Chances are that you’ve become interested in working for the company after seeing the ad for the umpteenth time. The same applies to customers. They regularly drop a myadmissionsessay.com order, thereby making me extremely gleeful. Why? Because the more essays I write, the more money I make.

Over the last few months, I’ve ratcheted up my income above peaks I had thought were unreachable.

Does MyAdmissions Essay Pay Enough for Basic Writing?

I graduated from college with a master’s in philosophy. Moving back into my parents’ house did not seem like a viable option, which is why I started looking for a job. Among a few marketable skills I had, writing was the most lucrative one. Being saddled with a soul-crushing student debt, I accepted the shittiest writing gig I found. After gaining valuable experience, I quit the dying company and joined the thriving one. And this is where the most interesting part of MyAdmissionEssay.com review starts.

I submitted several samples of my writing, passed an English test, crossed my fingers, and waited for the company’s response. Bingo, bango, bongo – I was hired.

Is It Nice Working for MyAdmissions?

Right from the start, I knew that MyAdmissionsEssay is not the place to make boatloads of money by simply writing. As a matter of fact, if you think that writing is an extremely lucrative endeavor, you look in the wrong career direction. If, however, you want to make a reasonably decent living while being your own boss, MyAdmissionsEssay is the place for you to be.

I chose the right niche: college-bound individuals paid good money for admissions essays. Namely, a single page written within 24 hours cost $30. If a college applicant was in a hurry – the usual kind – the same page cost almost $40. The bulk of that money resided in my pockets. There was something exciting about fulfilling urgent orders. The thrill of the last minute was followed by the buzz of a monetary reward. My regular pursuit of rush (expensive) orders could be fairly categorized as thrill-seeking behavior, which is something frowned upon by psychologists. I used to log in to my profile just to count the number of orders I completed that week and I felt proud for myself. But I didn’t care; the jingle of coins was too sweet to care. Also, merit-based raises amplified the jingle and my job satisfaction correspondingly.

Any Details of Working at MyAdmissionsEssay?

Well, yes. The potential for conflicts with customers was slim. The majority of them were satisfied, and quite a few of them were exalted. Imagine reading myadmissionsessay feedback from customers who got into college, in part, due to your efforts. The sweetness is almost dripping from their messages.

Are There Any Dark Sides of Working for a Writing Company?

Unfortunately, not every aspect of my working experience at MyAdmissionsEssay was enjoyable. Revisions were nasty. Over the two years of working at the company, I had five of those. The dissatisfied customers wanted me to tweak their essays, which I did on my own dime. Even though free rewriting is not the most joyous pastime one can think of, its occurrence was extremely rare.

High prices and plagiarism are often viewed as a two-headed monster that has destroyed some writing agencies and continues kicking others while they are down. MyAdmissionsEssay is well aware of the many companies’ downfall, which is why it takes active measures to fight the bogeyman. For one thing, it keeps its prices reasonably low. For another, it checks each essay with plagiarism detection software. So, if you are planning on joining the company, remember: plagiarism is a huge no-no.

Is Myadmissionsessay Safe?

I loved the steady, on-going work provided by MyAdmissionsEssay.com. By specializing in one area only – admissions writing – I managed to hone my skills in a manner not dissimilar to a Japanese craftsman sharpening and polishing a Katana. Therefore, the working process was simple and enjoyable (and never decaying thanks to the generous MyAdmissionsEssay coupon code). So if you hear any myadmissionsessay fraud rumours, as well as any myadmissionsessay.com scam accusations, know that it's a competitor's work and not at all true. MyAdmissionsEssay is a great place to work at. Come to think of it, it’s theplace to work if writing is your only marketable skill. Also, the myadmissionsessay support team is the best there is, trust me.

The company’s total rating is 8.4 out of 10.