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Study Bay Review: That's How Sausages Are Made










Working as an essay mill writer can be fruitful, but it may also happen to be a pain in the neck if you do it with the wrong company. But forewarned is forearmed. That's, I suppose, why you must read my Studybay.com review.

I applied to Studybay nearly 7 months ago, and my intention was to practice writing skills, as well as make some extra cash while I was finishing my internship at a popular online magazine. There are some things I really liked about this service, but I've also noted a couple of red flags when it comes to their working environment. Skim to my bottom lines to see the final score or check out an in-depth review to learn whether Study Bay is a good and safe place to invest your time and effort and what it has to do with academic cheating.


You Won't Find This Info on Studybay Reddit Reviews

Let's start with some basics.

Study Bay is quite a popular online paper writing company that uses an auction model when a customer can pick from various writers' offers. In just a couple of years, it has risen from a small website to a huge business offering over 50 types of services from essay or thesis writing to math problem solving and proofreading that might be done in only 12 hours.

Needless to say, just like any similar service, Study Bay does care about its online reputation. There is great positive feedback on SiteJabber, Trustpilot, and Glassdoor. The minimal number of negative reviews about a poor experience with some particular writer is still present, as nobody is perfect. Surprisingly, there are no significant reviews on Reddit at all, only some speculations on the ethical side of services provided by such companies.

As we've mentioned above, Studybay is a bidding service, so when a customer wants to order an essay or another piece of writing, writers offer their cost and then the clients try to find the balance between the price and the expert's qualifications.

From a writer's perspective, working with a bidding system and chatting with clients can be very time-consuming. You might have a situation with a few hours spent talking with potential customers and ending up with nothing. Why? When I was working there, it appeared that many students didn't care much about the quality of their papers. There was no difference between getting a satisfactory essay and an A-class paper, only the price has come to the fore. So guess who the one to work on the order eventually: a cheap non-native speaker from Nigeria with apparent errors in texts or a pro writer who puts the soul into the work and wants a reasonable payment was?

On the other hand, checking your credentials and writing skills at Studybay is nominal, and you can start bidding for orders really fast.

How Much Can You Make with Study Bay Promo Code Deals, Rates, and Salary

Can a Studybay writer actually make a fortune? The website lucratively claims that top experts earn thousands of dollars per month here. But in fact, with all this bidding system, there's no guarantee you'll qualify for high-paying articles. Steep competition makes writers even dump the price, so higher figures are difficult to reach. I'd say I was making approximately $10 per hour, which was enough to cover less than a half of part of the regular expenses, like rent and groceries.

On the flip side, the abundance of promo codes Studybay marketers give away via social media and cheap pricing (starting from $6 per page) ensured customers' steady flow. In case you are ready to write many papers to make up low prices in quantity, the jobs literally would be waiting for you day-in-day-out.

The salary system is quite transparent; you get paid after a 20-day warranty period, which starts when a paper for an order is uploaded. You can then withdraw your funds via Paypal, WebMoney, Payoneer, or get them directly to your bank card.

A Constant Question: Is Studybay Legit?

Is Studybay scam? That's the point I could not but include in my review. And the answer is 'no,' Studybay is by no means a scam, that's a legit company. Yet, here's a little ethically dubious thing.

The company claims they help students by providing model answers to their assignments and offering proofreading and editing services. Nonetheless, who would pay over $50 for a sample essay just to learn from? And why would an example paper need to be plagiarism-free? Whatever you call it, ordering essays and other papers at Studybay most likely ends up with academic cheating. And whether you like it or not, some part of the responsibility will always be on you.

Final verdict: 6.5/10

Overall, Studybay is a reputable service with a positive image in the industry. However, with all this bidding system, you'll need to fight for your place among other experts to make any decent money. For people who like to write, this essay service can be a flexible option at the rise of their careers. Though for me, financial drawbacks and the moral challenge of helping students cheat did mount up, and I decided to quit. If you personally feel that's a road worth taking, then get your Studybay login and go for it.