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Ex-Employee of Bid4Papers Reviews Company and Spills All Secrets










I’m bad, oh, I’m bad.

I wrote dissertations on Islamic architecture, analyzed peer-reviewed articles, and drew mind-boggling graphs - all pretending to be someone else. I helped thousands of students to cheat. I’m really bad. And you know why?

Gangsta rap made me do it.

I’m kidding of course. A student loan and Bid4Papers made me do it.

The existential fear of devastating loan payments spurred me to become an academic writer at Bid4Papers. And the experience is definitely worth writing and reading about. I’ve done my part. Now it’s your turn.


Is Bid4Papers Legit?

To start things off, let’s discuss the company’s legitimacy. Or to be more precise, lack thereof. Or to be crystal clear, kinda-sorta legitimacy (Gosh, I suck at this).

Let me try again.

You won’t find the company in the Better Business Bureau. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Bid4Papers scam, but it should raise a few eyebrows. Moreover, Bid4Papers sells academic papers, which falls under the broad legal umbrella of contract cheating. The practice is unquestionably illegal, yet the service itself is not. “How it can be?” you might ask.

It’s pretty simple: Bid4Papers hides behind an impenetrable shield of legalese.

Students never take time to read Terms of Service before ordering a paper. If they bothered themselves with dissecting those tricky documents, they would discover the following:

“You may not put Your name on any Product. All products and/or any other written materials delivered by us to You are for research and/or reference purposes only.”

De jure, the company discourages students from submitting purchased papers. De facto, academic dishonesty is the company’s bread and butter. Without Bid4Papers cheating wouldn’t be so god damn easy. Thus, morally gray business practices of Bid4Papers are legally acceptable.

Working Process at Bid4Papers

Bid4Papers is a writing agency allowing its writers to bid for customers’ orders. Supposedly, the cost of each paper is determined by both buyers and suppliers of the product. However, I quickly discovered that it isn’t the case at all. All bids differ within a slim margin of two to five dollars. Most importantly, they are placed by an automatic bidding system with no input from writers whatsoever.

Management of Bid4Papers simply assigned random orders to me. I had little say in the choice of essays, reports, reviews, etc. Each morning I would enter my Bid4Papers login and password to see what they threw my way. Most of it – I didn’t like.

Now, writing.

Many customers did not care that much about the quality of writing. They regularly professed their desire to receive superior papers. And yet, they had no means of distinguishing good essays from Oh-God-I-love-this-writer ones. Initially, I hated it. Then, I grew accustomed to it. I mean, you put your soul into writing and NGAF; you still get the same money. So, why bother?

Unfortunately, some students obsessed over the quality of purchased materials. They would read the first page of a paper and request a free revision. “Where is the section on opportunity management?!” they would ask accusatorily. The discussion of opportunity management was on the second page. Such customers were itching to leave disparaging Bid4Papers Reddit reviews. And it was my job to defuse their fault-finding zeal.

I would love to say that extreme cases of customer stupidity were few and far between, but they were not. I had to deal with them on a regular basis. Some writing agencies have customer relationship management departments specifically focusing on conflict resolution. Bid4Papers, on the other hand, forced its writers to deal with unfounded complaints and gushing criticism. Naturally, I hated that poor state of affairs.


When the work was steady, my pay was comparable to that of a burger flipper. And much like a burger flipper, I didn’t like my salary.

The money wasn’t sufficient to even scratch the surface of my college debt. It was definitely not enough to support my coke habit. Of course, I’m being facetious. If I put more chemicals in my caffeine and anti-depressants infused body, I would turn into an extremely agile zombie. And that’s not the most productive transformation when you work for a good writing company, let alone the bad one.

On average, I was making $9 per hour. On the one hand, I was drowning in student papers and self-pity. On the other hand, writing took over the time I would spend gaming. So make of it what you will.

Bottom Line

On a scale from one to Taylor Swift, my love for Bid4Papers comes in at 3. However, when the stinking writing gig is not overshadowed by the goddess of modern pop and unrequited love of my life, it suddenly looks better. On a scale from one to ten, I rate it at 5.9. It’s not the worst thing you can get yourself into, but hey – why even try?! There are plenty of writing agencies. If working for one feels like screening for colorectal cancer, you should try another one. And I most certainly will!