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My Unexpected AI-Writers.Org Review: Am I Out of Job?

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Being a professional writer, I must admit that the past year has been quite a rollercoaster with ChatGPT and all flavors of AI supposedly coming after my job. I’ve been playing around with some free content generators and honestly wasn’t blown away, so I just shrugged the AI off like another gimmick.

That’s why when I came across a paid service offering access to AI content generator specifically for academic students, I was skeptical and even thought this might be some kind of scam.

However, curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to try this service, especially given the affordable prices – but more on that later.

AI-Writers.Org Review from the Customer’s Side

So here I was, trying the writing service out as a customer after 5 years working as a custom writer, look how the tables flipped. Of course, this wasn’t your typical writing service, but still, it was a bit weird.

First, you need to register with an email. Make sure it’s a valid one because all the information, including password resets and promos, will be forwarded there. Then you get access to the generator with all the settings. By the way, you get the first 300 generated words free, so you can get the feeling of the generator’s capabilities before you pay anything.

What’s different about this AI text generator compared to other generative tools is that it allows your ongoing input for precise generation as opposed to churning out a full-fledged sample based on one prompt. As for me, I like this much better. Of course, this is not a perfect “lazy” option, but having control over the text and tweaking it in the right direction as you go is still preferable to getting more or less random drafts that you need either regenerate several times over or thoroughly edit before they are any good.

Anyway, first you set the size of text fragments you want to get at each generation (100 words is max). I went with the default 50-word chunks for my first try. Then you give the prompt or any additional instructions, hit the “Generate” button, and see the magic happen.

To test what this generator is capable of, I went with an essay on the role of symbolism in English metaphysical poetry. The first try was promising, so I went beyond the initial definitions and general introductions. When my 300 complimentary words ran out, I’d been intrigued enough to pay $5 for the following 4,000 words (yep, that cheap).

Let me tell you, it was a bit like talking about the thing you like with the person that totally gets you. This AI read my mind! We’ve been finishing each other’s sentences. We analyzed the crap out of Andrew Marvell’s The Garden together. It was a perfect date. I fell in love.

When we have finally run our passion’s heat, I’ve copied the draft into my word processor to review the result with sober eyes when it sits a day or two. After reviewing it, I did find some phrases that I wanted to change for better eloquence, but overall it was a marvelous essay that would have taken me hours to write without AI’s assistance. I’d say it’s brilliant.

How Do You Get AI-Writers.Org Discount?

Usually, the services tempt you with a first-time customer promo code, but given that these are early days, I suppose the prices are discounted as they are. At least, I didn’t see any special offers so far. There is a chance that AI-Writers will send a coupon to my email – that would be welcome (hint).

Yet let’s be honest, with prices like these, who even needs a discount? Moreover, I like that this is not a subscription service. I must say that I am a big fan of the pay-as-you-go models for everything because it seems the most fair. You only pay for the things you actually use. Moreover, it prevents overconsumption, which is a good thing for you and for the planet.

Will There Ever Be a Free AI Writer?

Free writers already exist – you only need to google it. I am positive that free tools with limited capabilities, like ChatGPT, will always be available for the general public – if only for training and crowd-sourcing. However, when it comes to something as purposeful and well-executed as AI-Writers’ academic AI, I believe there will always be some work from developers, linguists, and other professionals involved to update the tool and keep it on a high level, which justifies the price they ask to access the service.

There will always be some preferring free tools and some willing to pay for more features and quality. And let’s be honest, in this case, the payment is purely symbolic.

AI Writers Review from the Writer’s Perspective

As someone who writes for a living, I was hyped and terrified by the experience in equal proportions. This AI made my job so easy! On the other hand, could it be that it would make me redundant one day? Perhaps. Yet not tomorrow.

Here is the thing with AI – it’s a perfect partner, and the thing you do with it together is a beautiful dance. However, it takes two to tango. I believe each one’s experience with this tool is unique as it reflects one’s skills, knowledge, and relationship with writing as such. I can imagine that my first try would have been very different were the topic something I am not entirely familiar with.

As someone who writes a lot, I will definitely be coming back for more assistance and, let’s not be coy, some good time. However, I don’t think that everyone will.

To address the question I posed in the title: no, I don’t think I will be out of job as a writer and editor – at least, not soon. I am still very much skeptical about AI abilities for creative writing and true scientific analysis of reality without any original input from the user.

However, I am thoroughly impressed with its prowess when it comes to academic assignments based on processing sources, preparing summaries, and eloquently arguing the point you tell it to argue. So much so that I’m prepared to give this service 9.2. AI-Writers team has clearly put in much work to create an AI for academic purposes – and it works.