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Confessions of an Academic Ghostwriter in This EssayOneDay Review










Have you ever wondered if there is an essay mill out there that is much better than all the rest? The one that is reliable and will help you easily earn your craft. Previously, I've tried myself in a couple of academic writing companies and will gladly share my experience with beginners striving to find a decent place in the sun.

EssayOneDay is one of those services that claim to provide high school, college, and university students with expertly crafted essays, term papers, theses, and other academic papers. With a positive online rating and a good-looking website, all signs point that here you can enjoy the range of work and earn pretty good money. But is that really so?


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Essay One Day Review of My Experience

To start with, EssayOneDay is one out of many essay mills out there. Busy (as writers, we understand that it mostly means lazy) students who need academic assistance make their orders and specify the set of requirements writers need to follow: content type, deadline, volume, complexity level, etc. Writers can choose which order to take based on their academic backgrounds and paper completion record. Usually, I would opt for a one day essay to fulfill as many orders as possible while having enough time for research.

If you have any questions about the instructions, you are always free to contact your curator or a support team rep who will get in touch with the client, or vice versa. However, when agents contacted me several times with clarification questions, I had a hard time understanding them at first, making me think that customer support is based outside the USA to cut corners. Still, they seemed to know their job.

On the flip side, once you submit the completed order, the customer has 10 days to either approve it, send for a revision, or ask for a refund. If they say nothing within this period, your paper is automatically listed as approved. The best-case scenario is if a client accepts your job without any corrections, adds you to their' preferred writers list,' and then gets you more and more orders. The worst-case scenario? Your paper gets rejected, the client asks for a refund, and you get fined. Moreover, if you sin by plagiarizing content, you will most certainly be dropped as a writer. Luckily, the latter never happened to me.

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EssayOneDay Promo Code Deals, Rates, and More

Can you make decent money with EssayOneDay? Well, it depends on a number of factors. How many orders can you take daily? Are they urgent? What are your academic level and writing experience? Assuming there are no revisions that will take your time and energy, the answer to these questions determines how much you can earn as an EssayOneDay writer.

However, don't delude yourself with the prices indicated on the website. For a 3-page high-school paper rated $63.00 for a client, you will get around $17-19 net. That's why, to approach livable income, you need to take as many orders as possible. Fortunately, with a great marketing strategy and a variety of Essay One Day promo code and coupon deals available online, there were no problems with a steady flow of orders. Essay mill writing is more or less a seasonal business, with its peaks and troughs, so during high periods at the end of each semester, I would grab every opportunity, leaving me in a vicious cycle, sleepless and with very little time for hunting for a better job.

By the way, sometimes EssayOneDay might fail to honor their payday. That doesn't mean writers don't get their money at all, but couple times we had to wait an extra day or two for the transfer. If your bills can't wait that long, it might be an issue.

Is EssayOneDay Legit?

Yes, Essay one day is a legit company with a positive reputation in the industry, though their payment system for writers leaves much to be desired. Here you'll have to fight for your place and work hard to earn any decent money.

Moreover, you can't deny the fact that behind the crumbling facade of helping students who want an entire sample, preliminary research, or editing, any essay mill is promoting academic cheating. It's not hard to understand students' temptation. If you pay for a paper to be written from scratch, will you use it as a reference or turn it in as your own? When it comes to EssayOneDay, they cover themselves up with mind-bending disclaimers that all the delivered "products" are meant for "personal" use only.

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Final Verdict

That being said, EssayOneDay clearly isn't a scam in regard to neither writers nor customers. But is it worth it? Are you okay with the rates? Are you ok with waiting almost two weeks for a client to approve your work? If you're using this service as an ad hoc source of income or to practice your writing skills, it makes sense to stay here for a while and land a better-paying job in the future. Speaking in numbers, my EssayOneDay rating is 7/10.

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