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EssayHub Review from an Employee: Get to Know It Inside Out










Today I am here to share with you some inside information about EssayHub – as a workplace and as a writing service to help you decide whether to order your next paper here or maybe whether to work for EssayHub – take your pick.

A little disclaimer: as an academic writer with a very specific and narrow field of interest, I am registered with more than one company to keep the orders coming regularly, so I can compare. I work only for companies that I find at least satisfactory, and they all have some of my loyalty. However, I am not as dependent on any of them as a full-time employee would have been, so I figure my opinion is more or less balanced if not 100% objective. In a nutshell, conflict of interest is negligible. Okay, let’s sink our teeth into delicious details.


Is EssayHub Legit?

EssayHub.com is a writing service that targets students and provides sample papers on four academic levels – from high school to Ph.D. One can also submit their text for editing or order calculations for math, physics, and such.

If you are looking for an essay writing service to work with, you are pretty much in the darkness because, numerous as they are, they are somewhat clandestine and don’t usually have Glassdoor reviews or official social network groups. For obvious reasons, services like this try to keep their profile low, even while being legitimate businesses, because competition is ruthless, and as soon as you get into the spotlight, your rivals get jealous and begin playing dirty. This includes smear campaigns trying to accuse the more fortunate competitors of all deadly sins, from recycling papers to plagiarizing to actually inspiring students to contract cheating.

This doesn’t help students who seek academic assistance and don’t want to lose their money to a scam, adding even more anxiety to their stressed-out life. Every online purchase seems like treading a minefield. This shouldn’t be this way!

I wish my company had more courage to be transparent and focused on its primary purpose – serving students and reassuring them that they will not be scammed, instead of constantly looking over the shoulder to see what dirty trick their rivals might play on them.

Anyway, if you are reading this, you are definitely interested and motivated enough, so good on you. To reward your effort and inquisitiveness: EssayHub is legit and doesn’t scam students or their writers. Of course, no one is immune to mishaps, and not every single writer is as diligent as me (ha-ha, blush). Still, overall the company tries to do its best to expunge the black sheep and keep the pool of writers consistently good and content to keep the business going.

I earn enough with EssayHub to make them worth my while, but were they my only employer, I wouldn’t be able to cover my bills, so I have to play the field, so to speak.

EssayHub Login, Placing the Order, and Delivery

On the client side of things, EssayHub looks pretty much like any other service that I know of. Here is how it works:


Customer places the order

Either by clicking the “Order Now” button or by starting to fill out the quick form on the main page, a customer begins placing the order. At this stage, they must submit sufficient information about the paper to calculate its cost and find the writer. Based on the length of the paper, its academic level, and the time left before the deadline, the base price is calculated. Then, customers can add premium services, reduce prices by applying promo codes, etc. To proceed, one has to register using an active email.


Customer transfers the money

After that, the customer completes the transactions. This usually goes without a hiccup, but this largely depends on the customer’s banking service provider. Some might require the phone verification to transfer the money. As a rule, this is the final price. However, prices might fluctuate. For example, the sum can be adjusted if the topic is rare or the information given in the form is incomplete or incorrect (for example, the customer sets a “High School” level for the order that is clearly an undergraduate research paper). In this case, a support team representative will contact the customer with a request for after-payment.


The writer bids for the order

Your writer account shows the relevant orders that are up for grabs. They are displayed based on the info you put in your profile. For example, “English literature” or “Political Science.” However, some writers prefer to cast their nets wide and add all sorts of subjects, regardless of their actual competencies. Not me, obviously, but I know some. By clicking on the order, you can see the details and decide whether you are interested. If you are, you put the claim on the order. If no other writers tried to claim it, you get to write the paper. If there are several, the system and managers decide who is the best fit.


The order is in progress

When the writer is assigned to the order, the order status changes, and the customer may contact you through the on-site, online chat. Customers can send you additional instructions or ask questions about the paper if they want to feel more confident and knowledgeable when defending the paper in the classroom. However, no other contact through email, outside messengers, etc., is allowed, so the chat is monitored for trigger words.


The order is submitted for QA

When you finish the paper, you send it forward. Before getting to the customer, it’s being evaluated for plagiarism, adherence to assignment details, and so on. In light of recent developments, it’s possible that the paper will also be inspected for any signs of AI writing, so watch out. If you thought you could hand in a slapdash piece with passages generated or lifted from another document, this might cost you. Money will be deducted from your earnings, and you will go on probation with managers watching you like hawks. I know some clever guys and gals get away with all sorts of tricks, but I wouldn’t risk it.


The order is delivered

If everything is okay with the paper you’ve submitted is then passed on to the customer. They have to approve it first. If they have approved it, they still have some time (a week or two) to send the paper back for amendments and alteration if it doesn’t meet the standards set in the assignment details.


The order is back for review

This does not happen very often, especially for orders on tighter deadlines. If the changes are minor, students prefer to fix a couple of commas or formatting faults themselves. However, if, for example, your thesis statement does not align with your conclusion, the essay might be returned to be rewritten and amended. The tricky bit: you don’t necessarily get to do it yourself. Some other writer might be assigned to clean up your mess while you are penalized from your compensation for the order, so it’s in your best interest to do the best possible job the first time around.

How Does EssayHub Promo Code Work?

I must say that pretty much like any promo code out there – sometimes it does, and sometimes you draw a blank. If you got a discount code in the email or spotted one on the website – like the promo banner enabling new customers to save on their first order, it should work. However, if you’ve found it somewhere on a coupon website or through a discount-searching app like Honey, there is always a chance that the promo code has expired.

As for how it works in-system, don’t worry. When a student applies a promo code, it doesn’t influence how much I or any other writer receives for completing the order. Compensations for the difference in prices come from the marketing budget – just like rewards for that essay writing contest by EssayHub and other similar campaigns. As a customer, you don’t take food from the writer’s mouth when you save on your order, so save away!

Also, if you are thinking of working here – don’t worry. You will get a fixed price per page according to your degree, skills, and other parameters (such as the rarity of your competencies and demand for them – scarcity rules the market!) You might occasionally get tips from customers, especially for big or time-sensitive projects concluded successfully. Still, tipping is by no means mandatory or even encouraged by the managers, so this should be a bonus rather than your expectation.

So, here it is! The service is pretty decent but has some areas of improvement, especially in quality control and communication. Not everyone treats their work as seriously as I do, and it’s kinda annoying, especially if you are the one left to fix in a hurry the order that another less diligent writer messed up. For now, it’s 6.1, but I hope to see it grow! Love you EssayHub, but only as a friend, haha, no hard feelings.

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