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PaperWritings Review by a Nostalgic Ex-Writer










Marvelously boring prose makes money. Lots of it.

If, of course, it is written at PaperWritings.com.

Once I recognized this fact, I applied myself to the trade of paper writing with the diligence of a Swiss watchmaker and the ferocity of a 200-pound miner. I drilled, blasted, and hammered the ore of academic ignorance to mine some coins.

Was it easy? Hell, no! Was it worth it? Yes, damn it!

If you are not dissuaded by some ethical objections raised by a handful of vociferous bluenoses, you also might be interested in the business of academic paper writing service. Let me tell you more about the trade and the company in which I worked for a good part of a year.


Is Paper Writings Legit?

What is PaperWritings.com? Basically, it is an organization providing students a safe and reliable way to hire academic writers. Come to think of it, the company turns academic achievement into a commodity. For a few dozen bucks, one can purchase PaperWritings essays on any discipline, thereby ensuring good or, at least, better grades. Is it any surprise then that PaperWritings.com enjoys the level of popularity it does? The company doles out access to success, for Christ’s sake! So yes, it is a legit agency rendering extremely popular service to students.

PaperWritings Login and Other Essentials

Passing a grammar and writing test is a condition of permanent employment at PaperWritings.com. Those who have managed to satisfy the simple condition are asked to sign in to their personal writing location.

Forgive me an aside, but at this point, I’m pretty certain that the inclination to instantly forget one’s login details is rooted in our evolutionary history. It must be an evolutionary mechanism critical to our species’ survival. How else could you explain my chronic inability to remember a simple password to my writing account?

Anyway, the writing account is needed to manage orders, communicate with clients, and track one’s earnings. Speaking of which.

How about the Money Part?

A casual observer of an academic writer at work might conclude that a pajama-clad individual is doing something unprofitable, something trifling. The truth is the writer is slowly chipping away at their college debt. At least that’s what I was doing at PaperWritings.

I wasn’t paid by the hour there. I was paid by the page, which is something waaaaaaaay better. Why? Simply because I could easily write three pages an hour.


Is There Any PaperWritings Discount Code?

I never had a shortage of work at PaperWritings.com. As a matter of fact, I was up to my eyes in essays, reports, and case studies. How come? Well, you should see what a promo coupon does to a penny-pinching student. The company’s marketing department strewed baits discounts all over the Internet, thereby regularly bringing me new clients. Students had cheaper papers; I had more opportunities to make money. Win-win. If you are a student reading this, I have an employee discount code for you that will give you 11% discount for your first order at PaperWritings. Just enter this code at the checkout - IAMVIP, and you'll save some good money.

How much does a page of academic writing costs?

Let’s see: the cost of the undergraduate level writing starts at $10 per page; the cost of professional level writing starts at $19 per page. If a student’s deadline is short, the prices shoot up high enough to floor even tightly clenched jaws. Specifically, a Ph.D. paper costs whopping $56 per page if written within five hours.

Surely, I didn’t pocket all that money – the company withheld quite a bit. Nonetheless, I had enough to make my student loan payments on time, which is not a bad thing if you ask me.

What’s Up with PaperWritings.com Fraud Allegations?

There are strong incentives for poorly-performing competitors to bad-mouth PaperWritings.com and manipulate user feedback to their advantage. In an attempt to get some of the PaperWritings’ pie, unpopular writing companies disseminate scam allegations all over social media. Goddamned bottom feeders! Support and Security teams of major review platforms go to great lengths to eradicate fake feedback. Unfortunately, the problem seems to be intractable. Even Amazon is struggling to fight fraudulent reviews. The point? Pay no attention to the naysayers who are obviously a part of a well-orchestrated smear campaign.

Paper Writing Verdict?

I liked my adventurous PaperWritings journey.

Before getting into that line of work, I had no idea that dull writing conventions I learned in college can help me to make a reasonably good living. Granted, delving deep into obscure academic subjects wasn’t fun, but it was only a minor part of my experience at the company.

By and large, I wrote simple essays for students who were either too lazy or too busy to write themselves. I didn’t mind helping them. In fact, I loved it.

If you pride yourself on being able to make sense of world’s (or academic) nonsense with a few pithy sentences, you will also love the job. It’s an awesome opportunity for a wordsmith to make quick bucks while honing their skills. As such, it is rated at 8.0 out of 10.

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