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"Can I find someone to write my essay for me?" Sooner or later, this question jumps into the mind of many students, and if you decide to take this path, I'm the guy who can get stuff done. I worked for expertwriting.org as a writer for some time and completed student academic assignments.

Back in the days, that was a relatively quick and easy way to make some extra money and deal with my loans. What did I really get? Apart from the lack of sleep, plenty of stress, and way less money than I've been hoping for – experience, which is arguably the most valuable thing you get on every job. For everyone who thinks writing is a piece of cake and considers making a big buck working for essay mills, here's my honest review about my time at ExpertWriting.


Everything About Expert Writing Services

Let's talk about the company in a nutshell. Their website looks fine, the homepage isn't cluttered with pop-up promos, tacky infographics, and other rubbish. All this makes you believe they're a reliable company from the get-go – minimalism in design is always attractive. Of course, the site is full of rave testimonials – but let's face it: they're just too good to be real. Plus, on-site testimonials and self-inflicted high customer satisfaction rating aren't always a viable indicator of quality.

Anyway, ExpertWriting.org offers a wide range of services – from standard school essays to complex research papers, including full-fledged dissertations and thesis papers. What's more, their services include editing, formatting, paraphrasing, creative writing, and other boring academic stuff.

Their prices also look very attractive for scanty students. The price for a simple high school essay per page ranges from $8.99 to $38, depending on the paper's academic level and how fast you want the job done. You can get your paper in 3 hours. If you want to pay less, you'll have to wait at least two weeks. Obviously, the shorter the deadline, the more you'll have to pay. Trying to win sales and acquire new clients, the service offers a discount coupon – enter the promo code and get a welcome discount of 5%.

Despite the bold 100% Money-Back Guarantee on the homepage, getting a full refund might be a tough call. Be ready that once you pay the money and something goes south, you'd be able to get back 50% to 70%.

It is only fair to say that these are all pretty much standard terms for any expert essay writing company trying to lure in new customers. But let's take a look at the service from the inside.

What It's Like to Work as a Writing Expert at ExpertWriting

Looking at the prices on the site, you may think writers are literally rolling in money because clients often have to pay heavily for their essays. But what's the real story? De facto writers get, at best, 25-30% of the total amount, the service takes the rest. That is, for a 4-page college essay worth $60, I was getting about $15. A little more than dozen dollars for a few hours of mental work (and sometimes a few days thanks to revision requests). Underpayment is one of the biggest problems of working at expertwriting.org. The feeling that the money I get isn't worth the effort I put into writing a paper started haunting me pretty soon...

Let's get to the matter, though. The company offers users to choose the level of an author – advanced or a native speaker – at an extra charge, of course. So if you're one of those, make sure to position yourself properly when negotiating working conditions. I might add, I communicated a lot with company managers and found out there are many guys from non-English speaking countries among writers, trying to make a living with their good command of the English language. Also, the support guys most likely aren't natives as well. A couple of times when the support people got in touch to pass the client's remarks, I could barely understand their messages.

What about plagiarism? Papers are checked with a plagiarism checker, but it's almost sure an in-house software. On the one hand, you cannot be 100% sure about its Internet search feature; on the other hand, it saves all previously written papers and then matches them with freshly uploaded items – the thing that popular commercial plag checkers cannot do for obvious reasons.

Free paper revisions are included in the order cost and are a common thing at ExpertWriting. What really made me get miffed is the writers' inability to ask for help. If the client requested a revision and the requirements comply with previous instructions, I had to meet them no matter how stupid they were. I used to rewrite the paper even when, IMHO, everything was okay with it, and the management didn't care a damn. Make a buck off writers' work and not provide them with help – it's all about the ExpertWriting inner policy. Unforgettable work experience (sarcasm).

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My ExpertWriting Verdict

Well, expertwriting.org is a legit academic assistance service that doesn't scam its clients and writers. Do I recommend it as a place of work? Probably, not. On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate it at 6.5 because the company is more concerned with profiting off the writers rather than providing a comfortable working environment. Chicken feed paid, a bunch of anxiety and stress, management's blasé attitude – keep this in mind considering working at expertwriting.org.

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