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One of a Few Insider Paper Coach Reviews: Is It a Scam or a Real Deal?










Nothing is more annoying than a situation when I'm looking for a review of a product or service, yet all that I get are websites with extensive factual information on the matter, but not a review itself. For what is called 'review,' I do want the description of the experience. When it comes to an essay writing or editing service, I do want the author to have tried working for this company and let me know whether it is any good. What's the hiring procedure, how to work for this particular essay service, how much money can you make, and finally, is it worth it?

So, for all freelance writers looking for an opportunity to easily earn a living from their craft, here is my real, authentic, and honest insider review on PaperCoach.net. I won't waste your time; I'll actually save you tons of it if you read my piece attentively.

General PaperCoach Review from the Writer's Side

Like many other writing services, Paper Coach provides online on-demand assistance for students of different academic levels, from paraphrasing an essay to writing a thesis or dissertation from scratch.

As a candidate, you will need to complete a short signup process, which includes a couple of not-so-sophisticated grammar and writing tests. Once hired, you will be able to assume the orders and write for PaperCoach customers. Each assignment has its own requirements to follow when working on the content. Most of the tasks are due 2-3 days, although some may be needed in just 6 hours, especially at the end of the semester.

Usually, essay authors are judged and categorized based on their experience, academic background, and the number of works they turn in. This is how PRO writers, native writers, degreed writers, or something like that are distinguished in other companies. However, in PaperCoach, there is no such division, and the question of how the orders are distributed was under wraps for me even after 5 months of work. At the same time, from my brief conversations with the manager, I concluded that the lion's share of PaperCoach staff writers come from South Africa, Eastern Europe, and even Nigeria. No doubt, there really are few employees who are native speakers. However, to be entirely fair, PaperCoach has never claimed something like 'your paper will be written exclusively by native writers with Ph.D. degrees.'

After you finish the paper, it's tested with a plagiarism checker before being submitted to a customer. And if the piece doesn't make it through the check, managers will ask you to rephrase specific text section(s). As I never received my paper back with the request to rewrite it because of plagiarism, I'm not sure if they use universally-approved Copyscape, some other third-party software, or even their proprietary program.

Another thing you must know as a writer is that the number of free revisions at Paper Coach is limited to three, so you shouldn't be trapped in a vicious circle of editing a single essay forever.

Salary, Pricing Policy, and PaperCoach Coupons

You've probably heard that you can grab tons of money writing papers for lazy students. Well, working for PaperCoach isn't the one you do and then you are golden. Here's a thing: when they charge clients an enormous $45 for a regular undergraduate 3-page essay with a one-week deadline, this order will net you only $14. And you're lucky if it's not a technical article for a picky client requiring you to spend hours on research.

On the other hand, it seems that PaperCoach marketers are investing all their efforts into luring customers with discount code offers and coupon deals, so you definitely wouldn't go for days without getting a single gig. Dreary as it sounds, how much you earn depends on how many papers you can produce.

And another positive note: PaperCoach settles accounts regularly twice a month. I personally never have faced any delay in payments and got all the money to the very last dime.

Is PaperCoach Legit?

Well-well-well, that's a tricky question. PaperCoach.net is a legit service with a positive reputation in the industry, even if its working and payments conditions leave much to be desired. Nonetheless, let's call a spade a spade. This is another essay mill that basically makes money thanks to students who are ready to cheat while in college. Yes, PaperCoach informs students (though not very clearly) that submitted papers can be used solely as examples and sources of inspiration. But if you were a sophomore who wants to get rid of academic headache ASAP, would you rewrite the custom-made paper you've just forked out several dozen bucks for?

Final Verdict

PaperCoach is a reputable service with its pros and cons, just like any other essay mill out there. Is PaperCoach safe? Yes. Do they treat writers well? Maybe. Can you make a fortune here? I don't think so. Considering the share of good and evil, I'd give this service 7 out of 10. If you don't like anything I described, you may try trading your skills elsewhere. I'm personally not in a rush to delete account and will probably do some occasional ghostwriting as long as I need some additional income.

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