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Essay Shark Reviews from an Employee’s Perspective










Call it cheating. Call it progress. Call it…market for ideas.

But whatever you call it, essay mills exist, and they don’t seem to go anywhere. If you’ve decided to work for one – which is not a bad idea – you better learn about its pros and cons.

To give you a glance at what employment at EssayShark might look like, I’ve cobbled together this precise, yet very personal, assessment of the company. However, keep in mind: Essay Shark is a fickle beast; therefore, don’t be surprised if it drops something new out of the blue. As for now, here’s what to expect from the company.

EssayShark.com Student’s Perspective

The powers that be at EssayShark have put all their inspiration and energy into the creation of… an average writing service. Don’t get me wrong: it functions like a well-oiled Chevrolet engine. However, there’s nothing particular about it. It operates just like any other writing service.

Here’s how Essay Shark works. First, users lured in by cunning marketers come to the website. Then, they create an account. To this end, students are prompted to sacrifice their email to the abovementioned cunning marketers and use it as an EssayShark login (naturally, they will be bombarded with advertising pleas and prods, but they don’t know about it yet). The next step is to place an order. Nothing tricky here: students enter basic info about an essay, report, or what have you and attach their instructions. Afterward, customers pay for their order and – cue dramatic music - A WRITER ENTERS THE SCENE.


EssayShark Writers Perspective

On the list of questions fellow writers ask about the company – a list I’m painstakingly keeping – there is the commonest one. It is right at the top of the inventory filled with entries like “What are the day-to-day responsibilities?” “Do you need an EssayShark login,” and “Are there opportunities for growth?” So, let’s address the question that is certainly weighing on every writers’ mind: How much do they pay? Unfortunately, I cannot offer you an unambiguous and concise answer. All I have is – it depends. Your salary will be calculated based on the number of pages you manage to craft, your speed of writing, and the level of content you produce. The more urgent and difficult orders you write, the more cash you will rake in.

“What kind of an answer is this?” you rebuke furrowing a brow. I feel you, bro/sis. To be more precise, you can count on somewhere between $5 and $15 per page. If it doesn’t seem like much, consider that with some practice, you’ll be able to churn out two or even three pages per hour, which will add to a pretty hefty sum at the end of a month. As a fresh college graduate, I seized the opportunity to pay off my debts faster and worked as a mindless automaton. The money was (reasonably) sweet, and its flow was undisturbed.

Having addressed the money question, let’s discuss professional responsibilities and workflow of an academic writer. If you get hired, you’ll be expected to craft all kinds of student papers. And I mean it: ALL KINDS. Have you heard about nursing care plans? How about fishbone diagrams on logistics problems? Prepare to write and draw those. Other items on the smorgasbord of academic writer’s life are book and movie reviews, thesis proposals, executive summaries, research papers, essays, more essays, tons of essays, and argumentative papers among others. If, however, you are a research junkie (like I am), you’ll find this kind of work elevating and exciting in equal measure.

A caveat is due here: some customers are weirdos; others are veritable assholes. Not all of them, but enough to make your jaw drop. Expect reading messages like this one: “Dear writer, why didn’t you write me this and this and a little bit of that for free?” Fortunately, most students you will deal with have sweet personalities and deep pockets.

Another point worth mentioning is, unfortunately, a point of contention I had with EssayShark. The company used a deeply flawed plagiarism-detection software. Because scan results were pockmarked with false positives, I had many arguments with Quality Assurance team members over seemingly plagiarized sentences in my papers. Needless to say, I never stole other people’s content. Therefore, the experience was extremely annoying.

Is EssayShark Legit?

Is EssayShark scam elaborately created to make you work for free? The answer is “No.” The company diligently pays its writers and doesn’t swindle its customers. Everyone gets what they expect and deserve. That’s being said, Essay Shark pays its writers on a bi-weekly and monthly basis and guarantees timely payouts. After working there for six months, I can vouch that there are no late payment pitfalls.

Review on EssayShark: Final Words

Here’s the lowdown: EssayShark is 90% less frightening and 110% more useful than a real shark. Not clear enough? OK, lemme try another approach. Reddit users are right in contending that EssayShark job isn’t glamorous. I mean, at dinner parties, I couldn’t brag about writing a script for a Sony commercial (because I wrote dull papers for busy students). For the most part, I had to stay mum about my employment. Nonetheless, it paid my bills. Furthermore, my emotional well-being also improved due to the emotional stability of steady employment. And having participated in the gig economy for a while, I can assure you that it is not something to overlook.

Given its gargantuan benefits and a couple of minor drawbacks, Essay Shark is scored at 6.2.