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SpeedyPaper is a quite popular online writing service that knows how to attract students and academic writers alike. Whether you are a writing newbie or a seasoned professional with a few hundreds of essays under your belt, joining SpeedyPaper.com might seem like a good idea. But before you sign in, here's my word for you – think twice because you deserve much better. In a quick summary of my six-month working experience at SpeedyPaper, I'm going to draw your attention to a few facts that should light up a red ALLERT sign on your dashboard right away! Here come a few insider's secrets you won't find in any review Reddit offers.


What to Expect from Speedypaper.com?

First and foremost, let's figure what makes SpeedyPaper stand out from a long line of similar essay writing services. A quick answer: nothing. Having a whole bunch of drawbacks and very few bulges for the students, as well as for the writers, this online service lands somewhere between relatively good and plain awful.

Money matters

SpeedyPaper claims to tackle academic assignments of any level – from basic high school essays to top-notch dissertations, from grading and proofreading to writing from scratch. Naturally, depending on complicacy and terms, the prices vary from acceptable $9 up to cosmic $99 per page. But the fact that students are charged quite a bit doesn't mean that the writers working for speedepaper.com will make a fortune. In reality, it's the opposite as the service gets almost all of it: the workers are left with scanty 30% of each paper's price. Thus, to earn more, you have to write more, but tons of rushed, mind-wrecking writing will quickly leave you sleep-deprived and burnt-out – just as it happened to me after half-year of working for SpeedyPaper.

As for the writing deadlines, here they range from 20 days to 6 hours. While the former gives you some freedom, the latter constantly throws you into a time crunch!

The team of no one's dream

I can't complain about the work of the company's managers – they know their job. However, the members of the support team were the ones who brought much muddle into my life. I'm pretty sure that most of them are outsourced workers. Being either surprisingly confusing or too slow passing the customers' requests, the supporters have put me into many nerve-wracking situations, making me mend the essays with the speed of light. Does Speedy Paper work on fixing their issues? Sadly, no. In half a year term, I saw no progress with the support.

Ups and Lows of Speedy Paper Discount Code and Refund Policies

To be fair, SpeedyPaper offers quite a few perks to the customers, including a coupon code for the first order, a loyalty program (that can save up to 15% on orders), and several other discounts. Customers can find a Speedy Paper promo code on the "Discounts" page. Thanks to this, if you want to write, you shouldn't experience problems with picking up orders. My advice is to go after orders by returning customers – they know how to outline paper requirements much better and more clearly than first-time buyers. This will make your life much more comfortable and rid you of wasting time on unnecessary communications with support agents and clients.

On the flip side, you must know that if a customer requires a SpeedyPaper refund, you could be fined and put on probation. However, the company aims to avoid compensations whenever possible.

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Is Speedy Paper Legit?

Yes, this service is a legit place to work for, although by providing students with the papers they can pass as their own ones, SpeedyPaper gives a spur to academic cheating. If you're okay with that, you could make some pocket money here quite easily.

Would I Call SpeedyPaper Scam Website?

As a wannabe essay writer, you might wonder, is Speedy Paper safe? Well, as an insider, I can say that the service is quite reliable – writers usually get paid twice a month, customers typically get what they come for. However, if you want to make more than a loose change without working your fingers to the bone, you should try to make it to the TOP Writers category – they get paid notably more. That shouldn't be too hard as I learned there are even non-native English authors among them.

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My Rating

Having worked for SpeedyPaper, I faced some major issues. As a part-time job, it offers not-that-high income, while from time to time, you need to deal with an incompetent support team (which discouraged me the most). So, if you are still deciding whether to join SpeedyPaper or not, I say you could start your career here and then and try your luck elsewhere. Overall, I wouldn't give SpeedyPaper more than 6.5 out of 10.

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