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If you think that the writing skills of most college-goers are grossly inadequate, you're not that far off the mark. If you believe that you can make money out of this, you're absolutely right.

Academic writing is a lucrative field. Working for an essay writing company is a good place to start your career – as long as you choose the right company. Let me share my experience at WritePaperFor.me.


Services, Prices, and WritePaperFor.me Discount Code

First things first: what is WritePaperFor.me? It is a paper writing company that claims to be helping students with their assignments. Reflecting market demand, the service also provides online writing aid of various kinds. Almost all types of academic papers can be ordered here – from movie reviews to dissertations. That being said, they advertise a set of guarantees such as content originality, unlimited revisions, refund, and confidentiality.

Unlike many writing websites, the company offers what at first seems easy-to-get pricing. doesn't charge clients for login, revision, or plagiarism check. Here are the starting prices: a high school paper starts at $6.99 per page; an undergraduate paper – at $9.69; a Master paper – at $13.79; a Ph.D. paper is the most expensive one costing from $17.99. The price will go up depending on the deadline and complexity. A WritePaperFor.me coupon they offer to welcome new buyers also lets customers save some cash. On the downside (for customers), papers for some subjects are deemed "Complex Assignments" and, consequently, get priced 20% higher.

So, Overall, WritePaperFor.me – Is It Legit?

Enough with lyrics; let's get to the serious stuff. The website is a legit and reliable provider of home employment services. There is no evidence that the company scam its employees - you take an order, fulfill it, and get your bucks – simple as that.

As far as I know, WritePaperFor.me doesn't break the law – maybe, just bends it a bit within acceptable limits. I'm talking of course about the so-called academic integrity – you actually can't turn in papers received from writers as your own, only use them for research and reference purposes. But who cares? Writers don't actually know for whom they are writing papers, hence not being able to tell anyone where this or that student got the paper, end of the story.

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Is WritePaperFor.me Essay Writer's Dream Job?

I worked for WritePaperFor.me for almost a year and left it about three months ago. Let's dive into the reasons.

Above, I've given you examples of how much academic papers cost at WritePaperFor.me. They DO have some of the lowest rates in the industry. This is certainly good for clients, but not for the writers. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect WritePaperFor.me to shower me with coins – I just wanted fair pay, considering that I'm a degreed English native writer. It turned out that I wanted too much.

I'm going to show you this with facts and figures. The company charges about $50 for a three-page college essay with a 3-day deadline. Guess how much I'm getting paid out of this money? Half? Like hell! For such work, I'll get at best $15. I was promised a salary increase when I become a TOP or PRO writer (i.e., when I complete a large number of orders), but this didn't happen. Hence, I had to improve my performance to cover my costs. I hardly need to say that the increase in the number of pages written per day influenced the quality for the worst. But the company didn't seem to care. I kept getting my payments – not more, not less than before – on a biweekly basis, and this was one of a few things why I didn't quit sooner.

I had zero help or respect from WritePaperFor.me support team. It seems that their only important task was to respond to clients in the chat and convey their wishes to the writers or do whatever it takes to prevent refunds. However, they felled down on it – sometimes the messages from the support managers were so inarticulate that I wished I had a decryption machine to understand them. Apparently, most of them were non-native speakers.

If you want to work here, you should know that WritePaperFor.me checks works for plagiarism – credit where credit is due. Managers are engaged in this, and I'm not sure what kind of checker they use, but the fact remains: they watch strictly for plagiarism in the papers and fine writers if they borrow content without proper reference.

All in all, WritePaperFor.me isn't an awful workplace. The only question is whether you're willing to accept the downsides.

WritePaperFor.me Final Verdict

We all have to draw the line somewhere. Mine is a dab of money and a toxic work environment. So instead of supporting a profit-driven company, I prefer to support an aspiring writer. I rate WritePaperFor.me service at 6 out of 10. It's not the worst thing to get into – but why even try if you can find something better?

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