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WePapers.com Review: Here’s What I Learned Over 2 Years in the Company










What is WePapers? It’s a document-sharing platform for students that has blossomed into a full-fledged research writing company. WePapers.com research paper writing help is used by students wielding a few dozen bucks and willing to snatch an A out of their professor’s teeth. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the website is a popular destination for writers willing to provide the said help. Come to think of it, it’s also a church.

Its congregation is voluminous, vivacious, and zealous, but hardly spiritual. What gives? Sharing a belief in a deity is not required; instead, the connective tissue of WePapers is the embrace of a common goal – make more money. The goal is attained through the transmutation of scholarly knowledge into nearly miraculous amounts of the desired substance. The congregants pursue the objective with religious ardor while benefiting their customers in the process. I also frequented the house of worship, which happened to be my own house.

I provided writing services at WePapers.com for two years. My official title was Remote Academic Writer, and I am here to discuss it at length.

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We Papers Research Paper Writing Service Offers Great Wages

Honestly, dishonesty is profitable. Especially its academic kind. Whatever the root causes of academic misconduct are, their effect had reached epidemic proportions because I always was flooded with customers. Some clients commissioning papers couldn’t be bothered to write them; others didn’t have time for it. Both paid nicely for my help.

Since I wrote all materials (mainly research papers but also essays, reports, reviews, etc.) from scratch and without any plagiarism, just like anyone else in WePapers company, my clients’ cheating was undetectable. Exhilarated by the results of their papers' download, they usually rushed back to the ordering page requesting me as their preferred writer, which, needless to say, pleased me to no end. Moreover, I was paid 10% more for papers ordered by return customers and was regularly praised in WePapers testimonials.

Speaking of payments, my wage couldn’t have been higher. I received a pay rate per page and was capable of writing quite a few of those each day. Since I worked at home free from hell-raising children and other distractions, my daily page count equaled or even exceeded 10 pages. Given that WePaper charged its customers up to $56 per page and directed a huge chunk of that money toward my account, I wasn’t complaining about my earnings. To track my financial accomplishments, I created a WePapers login and used it to sign in to my personal admin page. It was also handy for communicating with customers, downloading additional materials, and doing other things of this sort.


WePapers Coupon Codes Work Like a Charm

The company’s solid bargains have certainly something to do with its overwhelming popularity. Take, for example, WePapers.com discount code WEWRITEIT, which diminishes the price by as much as 15%. Don’t you think it influences students’ purchasing decisions? Judging by WePapers reviews, it does. Students become more eager to shell out dozens of dollars once they realize that the price is lower than usual. Don’t get me wrong, when compared with the alternative – paying a tutor, – the usual price is still almost unreasonably low. Actually, I’m not sure how the company manages to make profits since the bulk of its revenues resides in the writers’ pockets and the rest is allocated for marketing spending. I wasn’t privy to We Papers accounting, but it seems that the company’s profit margins were supernaturally slim.

WePapers.com Legit and Dependable Service for Clients and Writers Alike

Is WePapers reliable? Is WePapers.com scam? I cannot fault the company for anything. I, along with other WePapers research paper writers, honestly performed my professional duties and contractual obligations, i.e., wrote cool academic materials. Furthermore, I behaved in a manner conducive to preserving customers’ safety and offered them my support along the way. I didn’t even have a chance to mishandle their private information for a number of reasons, the chief being that I didn’t have any. All communications with customers were moderated by safety officers who removed all personally identifiable information such as university names or student IDs. As for the legality of the service, it was also beyond dispute. All papers sold by the company were meant to be used as examples only, which is totally legal. At no point students were encouraged to submit them as their own.

The bottom line, WePapers is a secure and dependable service, so wepapers free download is something you might consider as a student.

Parting Thoughts on WePapers

For two years, I worked hard enough on this little thing called quality to be bothered about anything else barring money. This is not to say, however, that I was too busy to enjoy myself. The hereness and nowness of engaging in high-quality research and writing did not elude me. It engulfed me. It is, therefore, with a heavy heart that I made the arduous decision to quit after being offered a more profitable position in a local publication.

Do I recommend WePapers as the place of employment? Hell, yes! You would have plenty of opportunities to sharpen your writing chops while being paid for it.