No, thanks. I want to pay the full price.

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“Babe,” he murmured, “what’s taking you so long?”

Furrowing a brow and measuring my words, I told her, “Ten more minutes.”

He slept without me that night. It took me an hour to revise a customer’s paper. But I wasn’t able to get a shut-eye afterward. That, in a nutshell, is what the life of a Pro-Papers writer is all about. Asinine revision requests and sleepless nights are plentiful, money – not so much.

You’re only a few sentences into this Pro Paper review, and I’ve already forced you to drink from the half-empty glass. Sorry about that. The essay writing company is not entirely bad. However, ‘not entirely bad’ mustn’t be good enough for adequately-skilled writers. At least for me, it was not, which is why I no longer work there.

I left Pro-Papers.com eight months ago when the writing cross became unbearably heavy. The result? I’m gainfully employed by another company and have enough time to release my bottled up frustrations on the Web. It’s kinda therapeutic. But enough about me.

You want to read this Pro Papers review to stay out of trouble. You don’t want to waste your talent in the godforsaken place and haul around a cloud of gloom like I did.

So, without further ado, this is what work at Pro-papers.com looks like.


So, Here's Arguably the Most Honest of Pro Papers Reviews

The market for custom college papers is gaining momentum. Don’t get me wrong: it is already ginormous, yet new companies pop out of the ether with head-spinning frequency. Pro Paper is one of those newcomers to the market.

Like many other newcomers, the company tries to snatch good ideas out of the grasp of incumbents. Pro Papers has an ordering form used by students to let their wishes known to writers. The company also has a price calculator the likes of which are found ubiquitously on other writing websites. Pro Papers pretty much follows the steps of essay writing colossuses, hoping that their money-making ideas will thrive in its hands. And for the sake of fairness, I must admit that many stolen business practices do work at Pro Papers. However, if one doesn’t look past hundreds of disgruntled customers and employee turnover rates outpaced only by the fast-food industry, it is clear that something is amiss.

Here’s what’s wrong with Pro-Papers.

I was underpaid

I cannot divulge the exact number due to the NDA I signed, yet I can assure you that salaries at Pro Papers are pitiful. The company is referred to as a sweatshop by its writers for a reason. It would be only half the trouble if the agency tried to do things on the cheap for a compelling reason. Unfortunately, it seems that the decision to give Pro Paper writers a raw deal is a purposeful choice based on greed alone. I mean, the agency charges its customers 30 god damned dollars for a page of high-school writing! The lion share of all proceedings is left in the meaty fists of the company’s owners; the writers have to survive on crumbs.

I often worked for free

Gratuitous paper revisions were a common occurrence at Pro Papers. What really threw me for a loop is the fact that there was no recourse for writers. If a customer requested a revision, I had to satisfy their request no matter how moronic it was. Trust me, the fiery combination of functional illiteracy and conceit among my clientele made for the unforgettable working experience. Time and time again I had to rewrite a paper completely because an obdurate client said so. EVEN WHEN THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PAPER! What’s worse is that my heart-felt complaints always fell on the management’s deaf ears (insert a 30-second long sigh). And so, I gnawed my teeth and worked for free.

It was a bore and a half

Day in and day out, I churned torturously boring papers for students. The majority of them regarded vague concepts of leadership and management. I longed for challenging dissertations and research-heavy term papers; alas, almost all that the company had in stock for me was soporific essays for business students. Maybe it had to do with shoddy marketing, or maybe change management and leadership styles are all kids study in college nowadays, but the order range was sorrowfully narrow. Surely, I was asked to write book reviews or even argumentative papers; however, those were very few and very far between.

Pro Paper Verdict

Are you familiar with the old saying “don’t work for a company that doesn’t value you, especially if the said company is Pro-Papers”?


Weird. Everyone who was about to quit Pro-Papers shared this adage with colleagues. Anyway, here’s friendly advice: if you are easily bored or don’t like to subsist on the ramen noodles, steer clear of the company. Pro-Papers is a mess. You don’t want to be a part of it. To increase the clarity of this point, let me score the writing agency for you – 6 out of 10.

Pro-Papers? Thanks, but no thanks.