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Custom Writings Review: A Full and Detailed Walk-Through










If you are looking for a job with a flexible working schedule, workplace outside of office cubicle and an escape from annoying calls and everyday meetings – working at writing service is a great way to break out of the 9-to-5 routine. Moreover, it is quite a lucrative business. Lazybones who don’t feel like writing, struggling learners who simply cannot master some subject or international students who face language barriers – hundreds of essays and other papers are ordered daily. And where high demand is, prices are high as well. I decided to give it a try when I was graduating from university and wanted to save up some money for summer vacation. I googled ‘essay writers needed’, read reviews on several companies and after hesitating for a while chose the one that suited me best – CustomWritings.


Custom Writings Service Reviews from a Beginner Writer

Like similar writing services, CustomWritings provides a vast number of services for scatterbrain students: from all kinds of essays to university papers and business reports. That is why, if you are a writer, you need to be good at (or pretend you are good at) all the topics. I mean it, from DNA and human genome structure to Shakespeare's love poems. Once, I even had to prepare a review on Uganda’s legal system; it was quite an experience.

Yet, usually, you have the possibility to select the order yourself and choose the topic which is close to your area of expertise. So, when times weren’t desperate, I was very picky about orders that deserved my attention or just wasted my time. However, when it’s the rush end-of-the-term period, and there is a huge pile of orders, some may be assigned to you by the employer.

Talking about payments, basic rate for writing from scratch for students is $14 per page. In turn, writers can vie for $6, which is good but not much, to my mind. Of course, if a paper is urgent, stakes are higher. An absent-minded student who realized that deadlines are approaching too fast may order 4-hour paper at $46 per page, with a writer getting more than a half of the money.

Nevertheless, the company is a strong advocate for observing deadlines. If you fail, please, deduct 50 to 70% off your wage.

Another thing that needs to be considered when applying to CustomWritings is their unlimited free revision policy. To put it simply, you are to please the customer and make all the corrections they deem desirable until they are satisfied. Of course, customer support tries to filter unjustified requests; however, be prepared for occasional empty twaddling.

How to become a part of CustomWritings? It isn’t a real bear. You just need to apply to the vacancy, pass language proficiency tests and complete a test essay on a custom topic. If successful, you are provided with a Custom Writings login to your personal account to bid for and manage the orders.

Is Custom Writings Legit?

Although essay writing business may be considered as cheating in university and, thus, something illegal, there is nothing illegal at this time in writing a paper for a student. In CustomWritings, all the works are provided for reference only, and the responsibility for their usage lies solely on students. Hence, you are sure not to get into legal troubles with the job of this sort. Now I know that many essay writers suffer the feeling of guilt because of writing papers for students who should do it themselves. It is exceptionally hard for writers with a true love for the art of word: they do believe that everyone is to develop their own writing skills. Nevertheless, when your bills are due, and you simply need a job to prevent you from being dragged into debts, all the fictitious concerns take the back seat.

As for the writers, the company ensures payments two times a month. Moreover, CustomWritings coupon used by customers never influences writer’s rate - you get all the money in full. No one is fooled here, and there are no overdue payment pitfalls. Everything is fair and square.

As for students, they may enjoy money-back guarantee, the anonymity of personal information and authenticity of custom writing. All works are diligently double-checked for plagiarism, the company never reuses previously-written assignments, deadlines are always observed.

Therefore, when it comes to credibility and delivering guarantees, CustomWritings is truly a trustworthy service.

Final Words

With its market-average wages and loyal policy in terms of selecting orders, CustomWritings is a great option for career beginners to gain full control over your free time and finances. However, there is a little fly in the ointments: the company’s tight deadlines and unlimited free revision policy. Although writing essays for students isn’t the job of everyone’s dream, it did help me to make my ends meet throughout 7 months I’ve worked there. To cut a long story short, I rate it 5.5 out of 10.