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The quickest way to learn is from one's own mistakes. This common truth applies to my four-month experience of working for SuperbPaper.com. It was April 2020, and the havoc brought in by pandemics has quickly resulted in an urgent need for cash. This has pushed me into one of the essay writing jobs at a company called SuperbPaper. The decision to give this online ghostwriting service a shot was quite rushed and taken within minutes. Had I looked into the matter and read a few ex-workers' reviews on Reddit, I probably wouldn't set to it. Well, here's the most honest of all SuperbPaper reviews for those who consider joining this team. Will a job here make you go from rags to riches? Who are your potential co-workers? What measures will you face if a customer requests a refund and why it's best to work via a VIP manager on Superbpaper.com? Keep reading to find out!

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Mucho Trabajo, Poco Dinero: Not That Superb Income

Similarly to dozens of other custom-writing services, SuperbPaper is ready to craft anything literally: from a two-page high school essay to a lengthy and intricate university-level work. The prices vary accordingly, from a minimum of $10 up to $58 per one page (with the deadline being one of the price-forming factors, too). This might trick you into thinking that working for SuperbPaper.com is an easy way to fill your pockets. Unfortunately, the only one who coins money here is SuperbPaper owners themselves. The writers get around 25-30% of the total price, which is, I'd say, a bit lower than the market's average. Yes, money is paid twice a month, and the workers aren't fined for every customer's complaint like I've heard it happens in many other companies. But the amount of effort you apply definitely doesn't equal the crumbs you get.

That said, the overall atmosphere in the company is not radiant as well. You'll never meet any fellow writers as they all are scattered across the Web and the globe. I'm almost sure that SuperbPaper's native English speaking writers can be counted on fingers. The only ones who might contact you aside from your curator are the support team, showing up now and again with the customers' questions and requests. But being puzzled with what they had to say almost every time, I'm pretty sure they come from far off as well. On the other hand, VIP managers who curate the most expensive orders are much better trained and can solve the majority of raised issues themselves – that's definitely a benefit of taking big and urgent (which automatically means expensive) orders.

Bu the way, regarding the writing deadlines – the service offers them from 14 days to just 3 hours. Even though the latter is quite handy for the customers with urgent orders, the writers may feel the keyboard burning under their fingers if they try to finish a quirky piece within such a tight timeframe.

How demanding SuperbPaper is regarding the quality of essays? Well, as far as I know, all submitted works do go through a plagiarism checker, but it's hard to tell if the company relies on such acknowledged tools as Copyscape and Turnitin or uses some software solution of their own. Notably, the assessors here won't nit-pick on every single word, which obviously is a good thing for the writers. Yet if they do find a chunk of borrowed text, you might get a warning or a fine and then get suspended if the infringement happens again.

SuperbPaper Promo Code and Discounts Help You Fly Level

To bring in the new clients, SuperbPaper offers a coupon code and 5% to 10% first order discounts. This, paired with the companies advertising efforts, keeps clients coming in a relatively stable flow. However, as an ex-writer, I wouldn't recommend taking orders from first-time buyers – if you can identify them, that is. Such customers often have overinflated expectations regarding a paper they pay for, which later can turn into a severe headache with revisions – been there, done that.

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Is SuperbPaper Legit?

Overall – yes, it's a legal business. SuperbPaper login procedure, ordering and payment process are safe for users, as is getting money for writers. This company does provide students with what they pay for, and that's customers' problem that they often submit ready-made essays delivered to their e-mails as their own.

Would I Call SuperbPaper.com Scam?

No, you can't call it a fraudulent site, and other SuperbPaper essay writer reviews will attest to this. However, it has a bunch of issues that can potentially spoil the experience for both writers and clients.


Now, let's sum it up. So, SuperbPaper, is it good? Should you avoid working for it by all means? Not necessarily. After all, it's way better than some of the terrible employers I had to face during my short ghostwriting career. But it does have writers-support communication issues and cannot boast mind-blowing salaries. And while it's not a that bad place to start, if you're an experienced author, superbpaper.com will hardly live up to your expectations – you will soon need to look for a worthier service to work. Luckily, there's plenty of fish in the academic writing sea. I rate SuperbPaper at 6 out of 10.

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