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Have you been thinking of venturing into an entry-lever writer job while freelancing via Fiverr or Upwork is not for you? Our website is meant to help you explore options available for women writers and reveal the hands-on experience of working for academic assistance services. In this article, an ex-employee sheds light on 123HelpMe.com – a popular collection of sample essays, research papers, reports, and other academic works. However, the review lacks current service contacts, so if you can share the 123HelpMe free essay number and enter it below, that would be helpful.

After a year of working as a sales manager in a small company, exhausting commutes, and, let's call a spade a spade, wasting my life as a graduate in a cubicle, I decided to quit and devote more time to my artistic projects. Along the way, I needed to find a steady job to pay for the roof and food, of course. Paper writing has been my strong suit since studying in college, so I took my chances and applied to several educational and academic assistance websites. 123HelpMe was not the first to respond; however, it was the first to make an offer actually worth considering.

Here is the basic info about the service. Quick www.123helpme.com search showed that, unlike other agencies, they don't offer typical custom writing services when students hire ghostwriters to craft papers for them and then submit them as their own. Rather, this is a huge database of paper samples from simple essays to full-fledged theses. In a nutshell, if you need to write a persuasive essay but don't really know how to do that the right way, you browse the 123HelpMe directory, find relevant essay examples, analyze them and then develop your own piece.

You can find samples arranged in general topics; also, there is an option to search specific keywords over the entire 400.000 sample database. Buying a premium account gives you access to all the examples. Based on the duration of the subscription, the monthly fee varies from $9.95 with a yearly plan to $29.95 with a monthly one. If you are wondering how to get free essays from 123HelpMe, I have bad news - all the samples (though not downloadable) are provided with paid membership only. Nevertheless, 123HelpMe offers a 7-day trial at $7 to let you test the platform.

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My Experience With 123HelpMe: Free Account, Rates, And More

I worked at 123HelpMe for a couple of months and, within this period, have become a jack-of-all-trades. I prepared samples for publication by bringing them in line with all the formatting requirements; I edited papers and even wrote boatloads of works on history and art from scratch. Although I was able to craft a decent paper on almost any topic, it wasn't a common task. In fact, most essays presented on the website aren't original. Rigorous preparation before placing on the website included plagiarism checks by Turnitin, so I know for sure. To make it easier for editors, the company provided citation generation and grammar checker tools; however, they didn't quite work as expected, so I never used them. By the way, they are now available for all users right after 123HelpMe login.

Did I make a decent living working from my couch? Not so much. Although the rates of service are high, editors and writers are enjoying a tiny share of the cost charged to customers. Moreover, because of a sloppy website that doesn't even have an easily accessible Pricing section, a lot of potential clients fell off midway. Why? Once they visit the platform, they think samples are free to use and try to open them. Yet, at this point, they are prompted to register. So they register, get the 123HelpMe invite code, log in, open the sample they've selected previously, only to find out that 123HelpMe is a paid service! Probably, 99% don't even look at subscription rates, close the page, and never come back. I'm sure, if they were clearly and straightforwardly told about the necessity to pay beforehand, the company's (and common editors' like me) revenue would be much higher.

On the upside, the finance department does process payments steadily twice a month via Payoneer. Over all time I worked at 123HelpMe, there were neither delays nor failures to pay.

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Is 123HelpMe Safe to Use and Work For?

Is 123HelpMe legit company to work for? The short answer from a writer's point of view: 123help me isn't a scam. It's a reliable company that helps you make money on students' wishes to source writing ideas and tips. How much? That's another question. How to cancel 123HelpMe working agreement? You're not actually signing any official documents, so there's no actual subject of cancellation. I just messaged my curator that I want out, he asked me to work till the weekend, and that was it.

The positive side of working for 123HelpMe is that you shouldn't be smitten with remorse as you wouldn't need to provide custom essay writing services for money and can't be accused of promoting academic dishonesty. Databases of model papers are designed for reference use only, so there's no point in asking yourself is 123HelpMe plagiarism platform for cheaters. I hardly imagine a student who would submit a paper that by default isn't original.

123HelpMe Review: Final Verdict

So, what is the bottom line of my 123HelpMe reviews? If you need some quick money or wish to get your first writing experience, working here can be a nice starting gig. However, considering the terms of work and the ebb-and-flow nature of the industry, I'd recommend landing a better-paying and steady job like at WowEssays.com. If you're not plagued with ethical restrictions, consider applying to top essay mills or freelancing. To cut it off, my final evaluation of 123HelpMe is 7/10.