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Working at Bartleby Essays Database: Why, What, and Why Not?










Bartleby essay service is a fairly popular online writing platform that knows how to attract both students and academic writers. An aspiring academic writer sent us her Bartleby.com review of working for the website, in particular – editing a paid database of sample essays and research papers, and we want to share it with you. Consider www bartleby.com as a workplace? Read the review and see if it's worth it.

Bartleby Learn, Write & Research: Service Features

In a nutshell, what is Bartleby? It's a huge study platform that provides homework help, textbook solutions, poems, and great books online, some writing free tools like a quotations generator, a database of paper samples – in a word, all stuff a student could want.

Sample papers are perhaps the most useful thing you can find here. It's always good to have a source of inspiration when writing a creative essay. But if you think that you can enjoy it for free, I have some bad news – after the login procedure, you'll find out that there is no free Bartleby account or even a free trial period. Even if you are just looking for a suitable sample, you need to purchase a subscription.

Information about prices is shown only after registration. Very convenient, right? But I'll tell you what to expect: monthly access is $29.95! The price will be slightly lower if you pay for several months at once. There is also a special offer for seven-day access that comes at $7. However, be attentive and carefully read how to cancel Bartleby account once this period is over, as otherwise you will be re-billed automatically.

The database service itself is not very user-friendly. There are no filters to sort search results for suitable samples (essay type, size, etc.). The number of samples is very limited and they are not downloadable. Other writing assistance services work well, but they are expensive and therefore rarely used.


Are Bartleby Write Services Free and Legit?

Is Bartleby free? As I said, hardly. Is Bartleby legit? Yes. This is not a standard essay mill; therefore, using their services for inspiration and research purposes is not academic cheating. Is Bartleby com a reliable source of academic services? Since I worked there and know the website from the inside, I can tell you it's a completely safe website – customer service, confidentiality guarantee, they have it all.

Bartleby Homework Solutions: How Does It Work for Writers?

Bartleby writing is part of a huge educational portal owned by Barnes and Noble, known for its positive reputation. It's true that Bartleby in many ways outstrips competitors in the market (vs Chegg, for example). I thought I would get an interesting and well-paid job, it turned out to be otherwise.

What was my task? Filling the database with content. I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in sociology and wrote unique samples from scratch in this field – sometimes. Most of the time, my duty was to prepare paper samples for publication, bringing them in line with all formatting requirements, and correcting mistakes. On the one hand, there's no need to contact customers, which is a plus for me. On the other hand, it is boring and routine work that wears you out very quickly. I also had to check samples for plagiarism and the bad news for those who were going to submit them as their own – understandably and obviously, they aren't plagiarism-free.

In general, I have a feeling that for Bartleby, the essay database is a third-rate product which the company uses not for the benefit of the user but for SEO purposes. The attitude to this section and people working on it is respective (in contrast to services where this activity is at the business core, for example, WowEssays).

And perhaps the most important point for all writers – money. When you see the subscription prices, you expect that your work will be paid well. In fact, the writer's salary here is not high – enough to cover the basic needs, but don't expect to roll in money. But at least they pay regularly – once a month.

Verdict: Is the Bartleby Student Success Platform a Dream Workplace?

I rate Bartleby at 7 out of 10. If you are comfortable with monotonous work, which comes down mainly to proofreading other people's essays of not the highest quality, Bartleby.com may be an option. If you want an interesting job and a good salary, look elsewhere.

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