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Review for DissertationWritings.com: The Summary of Two Years’ Experience










You won’t witness an around-the-block line for dissertations. They are purchased in secrecy. Driven, in large part, by the laziness and ineptitude of most students, dissertation sales are constantly on the rise. And a hefty share of the weird yet necessary commodity is produced by DissertationWriting.

I wrote students’ dissertations for the better part of two years.

What was the application process like? What was the money like? What was the schedule like? Keep reading – the answers are inside.

DissertationWritings.com Paper Writing Reviews the Application Process and Salary

The application process wasn’t arduous, but it was rather lengthy. DissertationWritings is a legit agency charging high prices for its services, which is why my employment history and academic credentials were thoroughly verified. It also took some time to access my expertise. After a lengthy conversation with a buzzword-spewing manager, I passed the personality assessment and language proficiency tests.

After accepting the job offer, I joined the writing team, the majority of which worked outside the office. Given that I’m not the most ardent fan of daily commuting, I also opted for a cozy couch and Lululemon yoga pants.

I enjoyed the telecommuting privileges the position at DissertationWritings bestowed upon me. The thing I loved the most was the absence of asshole co-workers. The only tyrants I had to deal with roamed around my house. However, cutting the children’s food and dealing with occasional temper tantrums was infinitely easier than suffering perpetually-complaining coworkers with terrible body odors. That’s being said, I still had deadlines and monthly goals.

Since the company’s writers dealt with vastly disparate projects, their performance targets also differed. On average, I wrote 10 to 12 pages per day.

Usually, the dissertation cost totaled $45 per page. Even though the bulk of that money went past my pocket, I led a reasonably comfortable living and had enough time to watch after my kids.

Is DissertationWritings Trustworthy?

Full disclosure: students purchasing dissertations are most likely engaged in contract cheating. Sure, there are some exceptions – paragons of academic honesty who pay for overpriced samples. However, I have a lingering suspicion that most students simply outsource their writing duties. Why wouldn’t they? After all, the company explicitly states that it delivers “plagiarism free dissertations of top-notch quality.” Whereas I had no compunctions about helping struggling students to skirt some regulations, I was wary about the company’s legitimacy. And you know what? The first paycheck was incredibly efficient at dissipating my misgivings.

To answer the question posed by the large black heading, yes – DissertationWritings.com is trustworthy.

Dissertation Writing: How Does It Work?

Let me explain in greater detail how the service works. The confluence of automated and human-delivered customer support allows the company to remain nimble while creating a fairly pleasant user experience. Prospective customers use an online ordering form to request writers’ assistance. If they struggle with the form, DissertationWritings makes a proactive move and offers a helping hand before the users realize they are in trouble. Human customer support representatives pick up the slack left by the software and help them finish the ordering procedure.

When an order is placed and paid for, shift managers assign it to writers. I always was given a choice between several dissertations, which allowed me to pursue the most interesting lines of research. By the way, I still have a discount code that I could give out to my friends who wanted to order at DissertationWritings - GETPHD. If you enter this code at the checkout of your first order, you will get a sweet 11% discount if your order is over $30. You're welcome!


What are the Tips for Writers?

If you decide to join the creative ranks of Dissertation Writings, here’s a pro tip: keep in touch with clients. A good percentage of my customers can hardly tell apart a lengthy essay from a dissertation. I wish it was an exaggeration. Therefore, go ahead and discuss order details with your customers. Sure, the managers help to eliminate a great deal of confusion when processing help requests; however, some details still have to be clarified.

What Difficulties You May Encounter?

Since DissertationWritings is a service organization, disputes with clients inevitably arise. Fortunately, their quality assurance specialists work closely with customer supports department to ensure that all conflicts are resolved amicably. I resorted to their help whenever a wrongheaded student blamed me for misinterpreting their writing instructions. Granted, there is nothing fun about getting to the root cause of the problem when a lengthy dissertation is concerned; however, it, most definitely, beats the barista life I had earlier. Why? Simply because the conversations with students were mediated by a messaging system. I did not have to withstand fits of rage involving screaming, which were lamentably common at a café. Settling things over chat, on the other hand, was refreshing and soothing.

Is DissertationWritings.com Legit?

In almost two years I worked there, I never encountered DissertationWritings.com scam accusations. The service had hired reliable writers who delivered consistently great results. Missing a deadline wasn’t acceptable, which is why all employees were introduced to effective time management strategies. As a result, students always received dissertations on time. I was also paid on time and in full, which allows me to claim with certainty that DissertationWRitings.com safe service.

Final Thoughts

The key takeaway here is that DissertationWritings offers amazing work-life balance and career opportunities for talented introverts. What makes the company so enjoyable to work for is the complete absence of direct communication with customers and more than a competitive salary.

If rated by a series of predetermined criteria such as workplace culture, management, salary, career development, and diversity, the company would score at least 8.4 out of 10. I can’t recommend it enough.

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