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Working as a freelance writer might be compared to running your own business from the comfort of your home. Far from the stress of the office job, you can enjoy working from your bed at your own pace. When on maternity leave, I decided to keep myself busy and find some freelance job to earn extra cash and cover the family budget bases. Most vacancies available on the market were from so-called essay mills, which meant writing academic papers for money. Well, it’s not weird why online writing industry is booming: students have always been lazy. And where is a high demand, there is also great supply (and pretty decent wages). All in all, after a couple weeks of searching high and low, I made up my mind and chose PayForEssay.net. So, here’s what I can say about this service.


PayForEssay.net Review on Features and Services

To begin with, Pay for Essay claims to be a custom writing service with more than 12 years of experience. Interestingly, it emerged as a local writing studio where a group of vetted students helped others deal mainly with term papers and dissertations. As the years passed, they started to hire experts from other cities and even countries. As a result, they expanded the list of provided services to virtually all kinds of academic assignments such as essays, theses, presentations, as well as editing, rewriting and formatting. Today, PayForEssay is one of the most trustworthy and prolific services in the custom writing field.

PayForEssay Writing Service Review from Writer’s Perspective

What’s strange, there is no direct way of applying for a job here. It did take me a while just to find the vacancy and company's contacts. After that, it’s not different from anywhere else. Every potential writer undergoes a number of writing tests; then follows a practical part to carry out an essay or research paper of a defined format on a provided topic. Finally, it’s an interview to examine the conversational skills, and you’re done.

When it comes to terms of work, there is no tedious bidding that exhausts the writer by the time they get an order. Paper is always assigned to the best available writer, and the price is fixed and starts from $7 per page depending on urgency and academic level. Usually, writers are given the freedom to choose topics and orders themselves. However, in peak months there is a minimal number of orders you are to complete, and topics may go far beyond your comfort zone. For me, work-life balance was just bad within the high traffic months, and I couldn’t get much sleep. Others simply reap the opportunity of obtaining the above-average earnings.

At the same time, PayForEssay system has a critical advantage over competitors: gradual uploading of the order. After writing the first part, you can see the customer’s feedback, so you don’t risk having to redo the whole paper when it is done. For instance, if customers are not satisfied with the first part, they may say what is wrong for you to correct it immediately. For me, it’s really time-saving and convenient.

Yet, even this great approach doesn't prevent a writer from facing constant revisions… What a relief would be to work without them! PayForEssay customers can send a paper back for revision for an UNLIMITED number of times. Hence, writers risk ending up in the vicious cycle of rewriting the same work over and over again. The company seems to have solved this problem at least for a bit due to the regulation that a customer is eligible for revisions only within 14 days once the paper is accomplished.

All in all, PayForEssay is famous for its strict policy to ensure the high quality of papers in terms of content, on-time delivery, confidentiality, and zero plagiarism. Writers are allowed to mess up on clients’ orders only once. If more, you are out. I think that’s too much. We are all humans, eventually, and are all prone to errors. But that's the law of the jungle here.

Is PayForEssay.net Legit?

Considering the learners’ laziness and inclination to cheating, a great wave of concerns regarding the legality of writing services arises. Understanding the legal consequences of their activities, PayForEssay stresses out that they are focused on legitimately providing written materials only for reference. Students can use acquired papers as a basis for their own independent research. To put it simply, it’s the same as receiving a top-notch sample paper from a professor in the university. You as a writer have nothing to worry about, and all the responsibility lies on the students themselves. On the other hand, it is clear to everyone involved what is going on, and it was very hard for me at the beginning to produce would-be cheats.

It’s a controversial, though lucrative job. PayForEssay settles accounts regularly twice a month. However, sometimes, 4-5-day delays occur. Yet, no cases of fraudulence or money theft have ever been reported for this service and I, personally, got all my money to the very last dime.

PayForEssay: Final Words

Taking everything into account, PayForEssay.net is a nice mode of an academic writing service from the writer’s point of view. You earn enough, you write gradually following a customer’s response. Yes, the company's revision policy might cause sleep deprivation in severe cases. Moreover, poor management on busy periods and occasional delays with payments make me think twice when recommending this service. Also, by any other name, academic writing is still a shadowy business. My final verdict: yes, you could consider PayForEssay as a place to work if you are in search of a temporary freelance job. Translated into figures, it’s 4.9 out of 10.