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For a while, I worked at bestcustomwriting.com as an academic ghostwriter and helped students – let's be frank right here – cheat. Bad thing, you say? Only until an essay with a tough deadline kicks you in the head and makes you hurry to find someone who'll do the job for you.

But I'm not gonna talk about the moral aspect of buying essays. Is BestCustomWriting.com the best custom essay writing service as a workplace – that's the kind of question I'm here to answer. All those who are looking for a job and want to try their hand at academic writing at bestcustomwriting.com – read my review and think twice. The sailing isn't all that smooth here.

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Company's Services, Prices, and Best Custom Writing Discount Code

BestCustomWriting.com is mostly known as quite a reliable platform with quite a good rating and a bunch of positive reviews (I'm not gonna figure out which of them are true and which are fake, here's just the thing).

What does the service offer? For starters, a wide range of academic writing services, first of all: various types of essays, reports, research papers, reviews, case studies, dissertations, admissions papers, even blogpost, etc. – you can really order all this stuff here. These guys really know their onions – the company provides clients with extra services for an extra fee, for example, personal customer support agent, plag report, PPT slides, copy of sources, and other goodies.

Their prices are among the lowest in the industry. Sure, that's a big plus for the client (as for writers and money they get, we'll talk about this later). The minimum price for a standard high-school essay is $10 per page, but there's the Best Custom Writing coupon automatically added to the order, so the actual price is $8,51 with a 14-day deadline. The minimum deadline is 6 hours – and it's true, you can actually get the paper done in 6 hours. A refund is possible de jure, but I advise you read the terms on the site very carefully. De facto, it's really hard to get ALL of your money back once you've processed the payment.

All in all, BestCustomWriting really looks like a legit company that doesn't really scam customers and writers. But is it the best custom paper writing service out there, considering some flaws it has?

Best Custom Writing Service Reviews on the Work Process and Salary

I'm not going to badmouth a former employer, just want to warn other job seekers about some gotchas. Here's what's wrong with bestcustomwriting.com.

First of all, it's a low salary. Of course, I knew I'd never get 100% of a price paid by a client and was ready to share money with the company for the perks they offer me. But I never thought their share would be THAT large. All I got was 20% to 30% of the paper cost. That is, I could spend a few days beavering away at a piece and get paid peanuts! Thinking back, their prices for papers are low enough for the market, so the writers' work is paid next to nothing. I do love creative writing, but pretty soon I realized that I'm not ready to work practically for food.

Secondly, it's an inconvenient work format.Customers may pick up a top writer or native speaker when ordering for an extra fee (which, by the way, doesn't affect the author's payment too much). In most cases, we as authors choose to agree to the order or not after looking at paper details. Most often, all communication with the client goes through the support team, not directly, and there's one hitch. No, it's not that most of them are not native speakers who sometimes are extremely difficult to understand (in fact, I very much doubt that most authors are actually natives too). The thing is, it took support managers quite some time to convey the client's wishes. I had a lot of revisions simply because they were late with their messages. Would you like to rewrite most of the paper over and over again just because someone can't do their job properly? I don't think so.

Writers don't check papers for plagiarism, and that's a fact. The company's managers do this – but I don't know if they use a well-known plagiarism checker or some proprietary software.

Overall, BestCustomWriting.com isn't an entirely bad company. And "isn't entirely bad" may be enough for some writers but not for me.

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Is Best Custom Writing Essay Service Worth Considering as a Workplace?

Let's sum it up. I rate the BestCustomWriting.com service at 7 out of 10. It's not the worst thing to get into – but why even try if you can find a better option? If you don't want to feel like cheap labor and get involved in a kinda monkey business, try another one. At least I did and never regretted that.

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