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RushEssay Review: Attention Job Seekers! Your Sanity Is at Stake!










One word about my two months at RushEssay, and I’m bombarded with hisses and priggish glances. Quite understandably so. The experience in the essay writing industry, no matter how short, isn’t something to be proud of. Ergo, I would never list RushEssay as a reference on my resume.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want absolution. What’s more, I don’t believe that edu-sins I witnessed and abetted were of the mortal kind. Why, then, do I write this Rush Essay review?

My goal is to shed light on the company’s business practices and let you decide whether it is worth your while. Although RushEssay displayed all the unmistakable qualities of an awful employer, I will try to keep my emotions in check.

Without further ado, here’s a summary of my brief experience as a RushEssay writer.


At RushEssay.com, I Was Overworked and Underpaid

Apparently, the company’s owners live in the rarefied world far above ordinary students and their concerns. Why? Because RushEssay prices are troubling, to say the least. Specifically, the company charges $19 per page written at a sluggish (sloth on Xanax) pace and $49 per page written at a breakneck speed.

I wouldn’t complain if the revenue windfall benefited the company’s writers, but it didn’t. I was paid only $8 per page, regardless of the deadline, which was unfair and predatory.

Each morning I would login to my working account, and try to churn out as many papers as possible. Naturally, their quality was lacking. Had I been compensated more fairly, I would slow the essay rush and concentrate on increasing the depth of research. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, which made me feel unvalued.

Rush Essay Reviews: The Look Behind the Curtain

RushEssay testimonials paint a rosy picture. But there is a troubling side to the company, and it has long been an open secret among experienced students.

The thing is RushEssay mainly caters to one-time customers who aren’t aware of its quality issues. They quickly regret their shopping myopia and prefer to stay away from the company. But don’t take my word for it. Go to Reddit where disgruntled customers vent about rushed, half-baked papers they pay through the nose for.

Basically, there are two opposite views of the company. One created by well-curated syrupy testimonials on the RushEssay website and one portrayed by real Reddit users. Guess which one is to be trusted?

Is RushEssay a Scam? The Company is Scam-ish

While not a scam per se, it’s a service delivered by writers who don’t earn enough and consumed by customers who don’t know enough. Basically, RushEssay is a digital version of Amazon warehouses. How come, then, that you don’t read horror stories about the company? The answer is simple: the company isn’t large enough for media to care.

Lots of ink was spilled to carp about essay writing giants. RushEssay, however, can’t be found among their number. Perhaps for this reason, I wasn’t aware of soul-crushing working conditions at the writing sweatshop. Now that I saw RushEssay’s real corporate face, I want to warn others: it’s not the company you want to work for.

Let me reiterate, Rush Essay is not a scam; it’s a clumsy knockoff of popular writing companies that really help. The agency lies to its customers on a regular basis and makes promises that cannot be delivered. I do realize that with Trump at the White House, we have become anesthetized to chronic dishonesty, but hey, at least someone has to be held accountable. It’s time to put the kibosh on the company’s deplorable corporate practices.

Will RushEssay improve its approach to service delivery any time soon? I am not holding my breath. For that to happen, the company has to make a concerted effort involving pay increases and better training. I haven’t seen it yet.