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Will Samples Set a New Standard? MagicLearning.com Service Review










Note by WomenWriters: It seems that there is a new niche being formed on the academic writing market – paid sample directories. This is happening, probably, due to colleges and universities intensifying their efforts in sustaining academic integrity as custom writing services become more and more popular among students. Consequently, WomenWroters.com receives more reports from writers who find themselves working for sample databases – full-time or combining it with custom writing. One of such reviews is presented below.

Hi, I'm Jenny, and I'm… no, not an alcoholic. I'm an academic writer, which sucks in almost the same as drugs, actually. Today I'd like to tell you a thing or two about MagicLearning.com – the paid sample database where freelance authors could make some cash working with paper examples. I'm working here for 3 months now, juggling editing samples and crafting original papers for another service. And though one MagicLearning order brings less income on average than custom writing, it offers virtually an inexhaustible source of orders (they might be one of the largest databases out there) and more flexibility in what and when you can do.


So What Is It That MagicLearning Company Does?

MagicLearning created, maintains, and constantly extends the paid database of sample academic papers. Currently, the service claims there are around 1 million entries available for users to browse. Students, in turn, can pay to subscribe to the database and get access to all samples for a fixed period of time – a week ($9.99), a month ($36.99), three ($59.99), or six ($89.99) months. For that money, you get unlimited sample downloads and 24/7 chat support. I haven't yet seen any MagicLearning discount code, but I guess this is the question of time when they launch some special offer for new customers.

The database itself has a built-in search engine to seek samples using keywords. The search results can be refined thanks to several filters (i.e., paper size, academic level, etc.) Alternatively, you can just browse samples meaningfully categorized by topics and paper types. As mentioned above, you can download as many items as you want as long as your subscription is active.

What Do You Do for the MagicLearning Samples Database?

Basically, you can be doing two things for MagicLearning – editing samples or writing them from scratch. Or you can do both as I did. Generally, flexibility in everything – that's what I like most about this company. You want to edit? – Okay, here are 200 samples, access to a content management system, and login-password to a proprietary anti-plagiarism checker, ping us when you're ready. You want to write? – No problem, here are two dozen topics, basic requirements, and access to a CMS – ping us when papers are ready, we'll check them out. You want to use Payoneer, not PayPal? – As you wish, congrats on your first payment! By the way, they come in twice a month. My average monthly earnings fall in the range of $1900-2200, given that I was working part-time and wasn't sweating my ass off. Should I have taken more custom writing orders, the check would be larger, but editing already written texts and optimizing them for a search engine is soooo much easier!

Is MagicLearning.com Legit?

Well, there are three dimensions of answers to the question above. First, yes, based on my experience and regular payments that I am getting, MagicLearning is a legit company to work for. Second, it is legit also for students as MagicLearning doesn't craft papers that students can submit as their own, like inglorious "writing and research assistance services" usually do. (BTW, that's one of the reasons I believe sample databases have a bright future.) And third, who actually gives a damn as long as the money keeps hitting my account?

What Is the Overall MagicLearning Feedback?

Obviously, I work distantly and don't directly communicate with fellow freelancers. As an editor and writer, you register, pass the English test, accomplish the test writing task, get your MagicLearning.com login and start working (during the initial period – under close control from QA managers). The company's representatives are strict enough when it comes to checking MagicLearning.com essay you've written or edited and at the same time very attentive to your needs and ready to guide you through the entire process from getting the order to receiving the payment. The only thing is that most of the reps I talked to weren't native English speakers. Overall, if you ask me "Is MagicLearning fraud?" my answer would be "No," and my feedback is apparently positive.

The Verdict

From the freelance writer's perspective, MagicLearning is a good place to work; I'd rate it at 9.2 of 10. It offers flexibility that custom writing services can only dream of. In terms of money, you shouldn't expect mountains and marvels, but even working part-time can bring you appreciable addition to your income. It's all well worth some inconveniences one might experience when communicating with non-native service representatives.

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