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The best way to weigh up all pros and cons of a company is to talk to someone who knows the flip side of it. Below we provide a review from a young specialist who decided to try her luck in the field of academic writing by joining the StudentShare.org team. In contrast to other Student Share reviews on the Web, not only this piece outlines the service's basic operation aspects here, but it also reveals hidden pitfalls and troubles of working here.

What Is StudentShare Anyway?

Positioning itself as a database of samples, StudentShare.org offers thousands of free and paid example papers for students to use as a source of writing inspiration and guidance. From college essays and reports to admission papers and Student Share test answer digests– one can find right about anything on this comprehensive resource. The company also provides paid writing, editing, and proofreading services, as well as free on-site writing assistance tools.

The majority of students visit StudentShare.org in search of free writing models – and that's when many of them get surprised. First of all, to view free samples, one has to sign up. Access to the Premium section would become available only after you purchase a subscription. The minimal monthly trial subscription for StudentShare costs $20. Having to go through the entire process of creating an account and purchasing a paid plan as a plan of workplace onboarding, I can say that it is pretty confusing. I'm quite sure that unnecessary complications make many potential clients flee before they pay.

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Making My Way Through the Jungle of Academic Writing with StudentShare.org

How did I join StudentShare.org? With a shiny political science diploma in my hands and tons of writing experience gained in college, I decided to make use of both by becoming an academic writer. After all, a promising remote job in the pandemics era seemed a nifty idea. The first surprise came when a manager informed me that I will have to kick-start by brushing up the essay samples for the paid database rather than writing custom papers from scratch. "It won't last long," they said, "all newbies go through this trial period." Well, several months later, I was still being "tried out." Now and then, I was getting requests for crafting original papers, but mostly I was up to formatting and proofreading samples that are then published online. Another duty I had to fulfill was running every piece through a plagiarism checker, and that's how I know that the majority of works at StudentShare are not original. Moreover, due to being rushed, I didn't always manage to significantly improve their quality (though they got published anyway) – the company does all it takes to have the database expanding.

With paid plans ranging from $20 to $50, you might think that StudentShare will offer you riches. Alas, no. The salary here is nothing but humble. However, the money hit my credit card once a month, with no delays.

Student Share Promo Code, Free Tools, and Other Perks

To attract potential clients, StudentShare offers numerous discounts and special offers. The StudentShare promo code "tryus15" (takes 15% off a paid subscription), various special offers, and designated referral program – the company tries hard to get more paid plans sold.

Here's a word on free writing tools featured on StudentShare.org. Although Grade Point Calculator, Topic and Thesis Generators, and free Student Share questions & answers service are popular among site visitors, every employee knows that they work with bugs and errors; hence, experienced writers don't use them.

Yet another bonus offered by the service is a free downloadable Manual on Essay Writing. Although it does contain a few handy writing tips, one shouldn't expect great revelations.

Is StudentShare Reliable? Definitely So

Quick question – quick answer. Can I call StudentShare reliable? Yes, despite all obvious flaws as a service and a workplace, I, as a writer, got a consistent flow of orders and a paycheck once a month. The clients, in their turn, can count on confidentiality, money-back, and payment safety guaranties.

Is StudentShare.org Legit? It Certainly Is

Another popular question: is using Student Share plagiarism? Well, any online sample database is different from standard essay mills. Unlike the latter ones, sample directories don't write custom papers for specific orders. They are meant for sharing paper models and ideas online, aiming to inspire students and help them hone their writing skills. Respectively, using an online database (StudentShare.org in particular) according to these rules cannot be considered plagiarism. However, the act of plagiarism might happen if you submit the downloaded work as your own. Joining the dark side and facing the consequences is up to each student, though I strongly don't recommend doing it. Anyway, this choice would have nothing to do with StudentShare being a legit company.

My Verdict

With all the rush, much hard work, and average salary, StudentShare might not live up to experienced writers' expectations (unlike, for example, WowEssays Premium). However, newbies like myself may consider this company to gain valuable experience. I rate StudentShare.org as a place to work for at 7 out of 10.