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If you're a recent graduate with strong writing skills without a permanent job, one of the options you have in order to get a pilot working experience and make some cash along the way is applying for a job at academic assistance service, a.k.a. essay mill. You see, there will always be students striving to entrust their tasks to someone else, while qualification requirements for writers aren't that tough to match. A year ago, I stumbled on WiseEssays, an online company providing a wide range of paid writing services to high school, college, and university students. Is it trustworthy and does it deliver on its promises not only to customers but to writers as well? Read on my review to learn if Wise Essays is a real deal or a waste of time.

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My Story with Wise Essay

I get being hungry for work, especially when you can really get hungry if you don't find a paying job fast. So one day, while scanning freelance job opportunities, I saw the ad about hiring graduate students for writing "academic papers." I responded to it, set up an interview, passed a couple of online tests – and voila! – a professional essay writer is underway! Didn't even need to confirm my credentials.

As soon as you get it and are ready to start writing, you are free to take one of the orders that match your area of expertise. WiseEssays offers a wide range of services – from writing original essays, term papers, case studies, theses and other papers to proofreading and editing. Once you complete the job, it's checked with an anti-plagiarism checker and sent to the client for review. If they approve it, well done, champ! Now, go to the orders board again, pick another order, repeat the above-mentioned steps, and wait for the payday to come. At WiseEssays, writers are paid regularly for two weeks' worth of work.

Also, be ready to correct your paper as clients are entitled to ask for unlimited free revisions for 2 weeks after order completion. By the way, some of them even request corrections of simple grammar errors or typos they can easily fix with a single press of a button. So, beware of getting into a vicious cycle of amendments instead of working on another order and do your job well from the first try. In the worst-case scenario, a customer will request a refund on their order, most likely resulting in you being fined or even suspended if the issue is in plagiarism.

WiseEssays Promo, Pricing Policy, and Writers Rates

Compared to other essay mills, WiseEssays.com's marketing strategy is based on low prices and generous coupon deals. And this directly influences what you stand to earn. With prices starting at just $7.74 per page, writers usually get only 20-30% of the final cost. It's one thing when the initial price is $14 per page, and it's completely another when the initial price is almost twice less. So, to pay my bills, I had to hunt for better-priced urgent orders with deadlines of 6 to 24 hours.

Academic writing work can ebb and flow, which can make it too stressful during times of decline. However, the company does a great job attracting customers with Wise essays coupon code deals (sometimes, up to 30% off) scattered on various bargain websites, so there is always a steady order flow.

When it's a simple college essay, you can write it quickly in a couple of hours, earn around $20 and proceed with another order. But if you have to do some in-depth research, read a book or watch a movie first, your per-hour earnings may drop significantly.

One more thing worth mentioning is that you can be stuck at earning pennies for a few months. During the interview, I've been told that after some time, you can be promoted to Top writers who earn almost twice as compared to regular authors. To get promoted, you had to achieve and keep a high rating inside the company based on the number of completed orders, their academic level, revision requests, paper rejections, and of course, the absence of anti-plagiarism policy violations. A lot to take in, isn't it? BTW, I never made it, probably, due to trying not hard enough.

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Is WiseEssays.com Legit?

Is Wise Essays legit company? Is Wise Essays reliable place to work at? These are, to my mind, the most important questions to cover, apart from the pricing and working conditions. After several months of working there, I can say for sure that WiseEssays.com definitely doesn't try to scam its writers or customers. They do pay its staff regularly and are ready to answer most questions freely.

The legitimacy of the essay writing business is out of question – companies usually clearly claim that it's prohibited to submit the delivered papers as students' own works. Otherwise, it's academic cheating – but that's the sole responsibility of a student. On the other hand, let's face the truth: probably 99.9% of orders are turned in as students' original works. If you're OK with that? WiseEssays will be happy to welcome you aboard as a writer.


Final Verdict

When you're in a bind and need to earn some quick money, becoming a WiseEssays writer may work for you. If a lazy student is going to pay someone for writing a paper, why shouldn't it be you? WiseEssay is a reliable service, so you will definitely get your money. How much? Well, that's another thing, which makes it impossible to rate WiseEssays higher than 7 out of 10. If you're looking for a long-term job or are too concerned with ethical questions, maybe you would be more comfortable as a freelance writer elsewhere outside this shadowy industry.

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