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Have you ever thought about a part-time job to make some extra money while leaning back in your comfortable armchair next to a crackling fire? 10-15 years ago, finding a well-paid occupation from the comfort of your couch was rather a dream. Now it’s a common thing you can’t help but take advantage of. As a mother on maternity leave with the journalistic background, I decided to try myself at various writing services.

If you search for “essay writers needed,” Google will immediately offer a hundred million and one links with jobs. Since freelance writing becomes more and more popular, numerous websites offer online writing vacancies. How to choose a reliable service, especially when you have little or even no experience in such kind of work? After a long time of weighing up all pros and cons, I chose GradeMiners. And here’s what I think after 5 months.

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What is GradeMiners Agency?

GradeMiners positions itself as a trusted essay writing company intended to help students struggling with their academic papers. Therefore, a number of services available for students who want someone else to do their job is impressive. They offer everything: from essays and book reports to editing and lab reports. Being an essay writer involves working on papers about numberless subjects for several clients at once. Essay on transgenic plants or thesis on Gothic fiction - no problem, I’ll become an expert in this field overnight.

Compared with competitors, GradeMiners has above-the-market prices starting from $13.60 per page depending on the complexity of the subject and urgency. Writers usually get decent $7-8 per page and, obviously, if the order is urgent, your wages increase. That is why writers are more likely to opt for 12-24-hours papers. However, it does take some time to figure out how many papers you can write without becoming a sleep-deprived, angry freelancer living from deadline to deadline. Moreover, the quality control at the company is quite strict with a broad range of penalties waiting for you in case you are caught on plagiarism, numerous mistakes, failure to deliver promised quality and meet a deadline.

While lots of writing services practice unlimited revisions policy to please customers and add some hassle to already hectic work of a freelance writer, GradeMiners allows its clients to put in only one free revision request if some improvements are required. As you would expect, customers love making last-minute corrections.

Benefits for Writers: GradeMiners Promo Codes and Other Bonuses

Usually, reputable academic writing services offer bonuses and other rewards for their employees. This is a sort of motivation for the writers to keep on producing quality papers. Regarding this point, GradeMiners is an outright bonanza. First of all, they pay extra cash to writers who have the best client feedbacks per month. Secondly, they offer an appealing referral program for writers: for each referred client you get $50 instantly if their order is above $50 and subsequently 5% of their next orders. And last but not least, the company frequently offers corporate GradeMiners coupon for writers to give out to potential customers, which is also a nice touch.

Talking about other aspects of corporate culture, they’re lacking. Writes scattered all over the world don’t communicate with each other, there are no everyday meetings, corporate holiday parties or chatting over the coffee machine. That’s great for freelancing introverts but not for a woman on maternity leave looking forward to going back to work and socializing.

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Is GradeMiners Legit?

With the great wave of scam or even illegal companies operating online, it is hard to find a legit service offering essay writing positions online. When it comes to GradeMiners, no one is fooled here– you get fair pay for fair work. The company developed a convenient payment system: writer’s payments are delivered on a bi-weekly basis at exact set dates. Thus, you may enjoy a sense of stability and plan your workload and budget accordingly.

The employer also promises to send a notification with an explanation if any delay in payments occurs. Throughout my 5-month experience with this service, I got my money with 2-day delay only once and was informed about it a week beforehand. What is also important, GradeMiners discount code used by customers doesn’t influence your income, and your wage is accounted based on the initial cost of the order.

As for customers, GradeMiners diligently delivers its promises and ensures 100% confidentiality, uniqueness, and money-back guarantee. Everyone does get what they are counting on.

GradeMiners: Final Verdict

Taking everything into account, I would conclude that GradeMiners is a great option for freelance work and achieves close to ideal academic writer’s workplace. Given its numerous advantages such as fair and timely payments or flexible schedule as well as minor drawbacks, I can vouch for GradeMiners as a trustworthy and go-to company to work for. Speaking in numbers, it’s 4,8 out of 10. So, if you have a great grasp of English, love setting ideas down on paper and would like to earn some extra cash, go ahead!

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