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Work with the Best Essays Ever Written, Earn Decently: WowEssays Premium Review by a Newbie Writer

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Note by WomenWriters: Among many writing services' reviews we receive from their current and former employees on a regular basis, our attention was caught by this atypical report. The thing is, the author describes her experience of working for a paid essay sample database – a rare occurrence in our times. Although such an enterprise is not what we usually write about, we still decided to publish this review as this clearly presents another employment opportunity in the academic writing industry.

Hi there! I'm Agatha (actually, no, but I need to maintain anonymity), and I'm your website's fan as it helped me start implementing my long-running plan and move into academic writing. The thing is, I'm bilingual, but there are not that many opportunities in my country to make decent money from a great command of English, especially for university students. To make a long story short, I came across and, based on reviews, applied to several top-rated companies for an academic writer position. Eventually, I received several offers, including one from However, they offered me to join the team launching the new project – a premium essay database, which I actually perceived as a bigger draw than becoming just one of many outsource writers. And thus, here is my story along with the WowEssays Premium review that, I hope, might come useful for other novice women writers!

Overall WowEssays Premium Review

Let's start with a brief overview of what WowEssays Premium is. Basically, this is a huge essays database that contains around 1 million (!) previously written samples. This vast amount of papers, plus paid access and unlimited downloads, make a fundamental difference between WowEssays Premium and other online sample directories. The latter ones are far smaller by volume and mostly free.


Another thing you should know is that the service at issue was launched by – a popular writing assistance company (ranks among Top Reviews on Apparently, a paid sample database is their attempt to enhance writing assistance students may get from the parent service and capitalize on the vast directory of unused academic papers they've amassed over the years of operation. As I've been told, the main idea of WowEssays Premium is helping students who don't want to pay someone to do an assignment instead of them because of trust issues, financial, ethical or other reasons. Thanks to a huge catalog of samples, such people could draw inspiration, pull topic and content ideas, get creativity push, etc. Does it really work? Probably, it's too soon to judge as they've just launched. However, my team lead seems pleased with the clients' number growth.

Indirect Premium Writing Assistance on a Budget

Paid-access sample databases are rare nowadays. Apparently, many students are sure that they'd find the spark in free academic paper samples scattered over the Internet. Well, what I've learned during my time at WowEssays Premium is that open-access directories stoop to copy samples from competitors' websites. Eventually, the Web is full of free catalogs with the same papers migrating from site to site year in, year out.

Maybe, this is one of the reasons behind a debatable decision to make access to WowEssays Premium subscription-based. So, the service offers four subscription plans – for 7 days, 1, 3, and 6 months. The prices are $9.99, $36.99, $59.99, and $89.99 respectively. As far as I'm concerned, no discount or coupon code is suggested. For reference, $10 is considered to be the market-average price per ONE PAGE of high school-level custom writing, and $90 could be the cost of PhD-level premium essay help with writing a 2/3-page piece. Instead, with each subscription for WowEssays Premium, you get your hands on virtually infinite, all-type sample collection supplemented by unlimited downloads.

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Working on Pre-Written Essays, What's It Like?

Now, when you have a general idea of what Premium is and what it offers, let's see what you would be doing there should you join the cause. Well, to be more precise – what I was doing there.

The main responsibility is to prepare previously unpublished samples for being added to the entire database. This typically includes top to bottom audit of essays already done for you by other writers: grammar, spelling, and punctuation check; formatting and correcting citation flaws; improving the content structure and (sometimes) flow, etc. Also, I had to add sample description details, such as topics covered, reference tags, number of pages, and word count. Ultimately, I would pack the final version of a paper into a downloadable file and add it to the publication management system.

Occasionally, I've been asked to fix some issues with already released materials or even perform technical tasks for search engine optimization. For example, several times I crafted meta tags – titles and descriptions for samples' web pages; another time, I wrote several answers for the FAQ section.

Eventually, all these operations were meant to improve user experience on the WowEssays Premium website and classify them by type, topic/subject, and academic level so that users could find the most relevant samples faster and easier.

How Much Can You Make Working for the WowEssays' Exclusive Essay Database?

Okay, but what about the money? Well, I was working part-time remotely and still managed to come up with a $1500-$1700 monthly, transferred to my Payoneer card (BTW, great safe and legal alternative to PayPal). Not that bad for polishing papers for an essays search engine while sitting in my lounge chair on the terrace like some VIP ghostwriter, huh? Importantly, they never delayed payments, which kept coming in every two weeks.

 The Verdict: There Will Always Be Students Eager to Buy Already Written Essays Online

As I've mentioned above, the concepts of buying custom papers written exclusively for you from scratch and paying for a ton of auxiliary materials (and the ability to read a full entry) while still having to craft a piece by yourself are essentially different. However, my experience with the Wow Essays Premium sample finder shows that both approaches have a significant number of supporters. As long as there are students not ready to pay someone to do the job instead of them but willing to find essays that they can use as models to follow, quality samples will remain sought after. Consequently, for people with little to no experience seeking to capitalize on their command of English and writing skills, a service like WowEssays Premium might be a great opportunity.