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Ground Handling Safety Essay Example

Flance Golk

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sample-headThe airport has a complex environment that working around aircrafts will likely involve in some form of ground-handling flight line accidents. Such work-related accident can be non-fatal or fatal, which could either be common slip and falls, or the exposure to hazardous chemicals, respectively. Either way, its prevention can save the industry the high cost of hospitalization, or life. The airline industry, in its 2014 data, showed that fatal work-related injuries are 19 times higher than the national average for all workers in other industries (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). Considering that crash related accidents, as well as fatal accidents, always merit an extensive investigation, and the immediate intervention of aviation agencies have resulted in the prevention of serious aviation-related accidents.

Thesis statement

If such proper documentation on the causes of non-fatal accidents were to be applied so it can be investigated and analyzed, the industry would be able to further help prevent fatal accidents that can lead to the high cost of hospitalization, or the cost of lives.

Summary and Conclusion

According to the article published in the National Library of Medicine, entitled, Work-related nonfatal injuries in Alaska’s aviation industry, 2000–2013, Alaska have made significant efforts in preventing fatal injuries and have made safety recommendations to avoid further serious accidents (Case, 2018). This medical literature has conducted descriptive analysis of the different aviation-related injuries. When they started looking at non-fatal injuries to implement the same safety procedures and recommendations, they were hindered by the lack of proper documentation. Their aim is to improve the airport working environment and support all the necessary aviation improvements that could help reduce the non-fatal accidents turning into serious ones. There is the need to introduce to the aviation personnel training modules that could address minor injuries as prescribed in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Rules and Regulations (Occupational Safety & Health Administration, n.d.). It is important to understand on how to prevent non-serious accidents turning into serious ones, instead of finding out only when serious and fatal accidents happen.


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