Every now and then, I get a query about the artwork featured on the website. Until about Summer 2002, it was all copyright free clipart, found in the great collection "Click Art". There are still a few pieces of that copyright free stuff floating around. The purple-faced woman to the left here was one of our first attempts to spruce up the place and make it look less amateurish. She doesn't appear in many places on the site, but there are a few here and there still.

Since 2002, I have purchased commercial photography from the great commercial website
Corbis.com. All of this art is licensed to be used on Women Writers, and is NOT available for anyone else to legally use on any other publication. It costs me out of pocket, but I think the overall investment is worth it in how good it makes the site look. (If you'd like to contribute some cash support to this effort, click the donations link on this page).

It is pretty nifty. I'm including a gallery of all the images we have used in the past, sort of like the "cover art" galleries you see now and then in print journals. You'll see that I've worked to find a wide range of types of women, to represent the many faces of our readers and writers. Every time I buy a new piece of art, I think about it very carefully, and am pleased with the work we have so far. All of the artwork here, which at one time was a "cover image" is now being used somewhere else on the site.

However, if you are a photographer or artist and would like to submit your work to be a future cover art, see the contact info on the bottom of the contact page and send us the art you would like considered! We're always open to any good, interesting art. It can help you build your portfolio if you wish to help out. Copyright would remain with any original artists who wished to submit work.

Gallery of Former "Cover Art" and other art featured on the site. DO NOT use this artwork on your own website!!! It is not copyright free: We pay Corbis for it, you should too. If you want to use any of it, or artwork like it, go buy it at Corbis. It's surprisingly affordable if you buy the "web license".






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