Review by: Teresa Cox


Tender Heart
By Ana Corman
ISBN: 158721878X

Tender Heart is a love story that takes place between two lesbian women who meet through their mutual friendship with a man, Dr. Drake Darrow, who appears to be a very a close friend to each of them. Dr. Megan Summers is a successful neurosurgeon (one of the best in the city and the country) who is stunningly beautiful, brilliant, praised by all of her staff who is always "a ray of sunshine." Rebecca Rhodes is Drake’s real estate agent. She is successful and "breathtakingly beautiful" with "shapely legs," she is slender and petite, and drives a sleek, silver Jaguar. Although they have known their quite close (he kisses and touches them at will every time he is near them), handsome, blue-eyed and tanned heterosexual friend Drake Darrow for a while, he has never introduced them to each other. Of cousre, when he does, it is love at first sight and by the beginning of the second chapter the women have met again in a coffee shop and Rebecca is planning her visit to Megan’s house (where they immediately commit their love to each other "always").

There is a tense moment when Rebecca is stalked by a man who wants her for himself but she gets away safely. The book ends with the lovers living happily ever after.

I found this story a bit too "perfect in every way." The characters were the white male heterosexual world’s description of beauty, wealth and success. It is comforting to imagine the lives of lesbian women in today’s world to be so smooth, where they are so readily accepted by their staff and family. The story felt more like a fairy tale in a fake world. Maybe that is not so bad with all of today’s realities but the way this novel sketched it, I found it a bit hard to believe.


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