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Tough at the Top
ISBN: 0-906500-45-1

By Nicky Edwards
Review by: Moira Richards


Tough At The Top is peopled with an interesting miscellany of characters that include a wisecracking lesbian feminist who is determined to prove that she can build a house single-handedly with the aid of a do-it-yourself manual. You’ll also meet a devoted wife who seems equally intent on being a lifelong doormat for her husband to wipe his muddy feet on, and a sprite from the stone ages who inhabits the air around the other two.

While the younger women go about dealing with the challenges of their twentieth century lives, many of which seem to be inflicted on them by men with sexist issues, the older, centuries older woman narrates her own story. She tells of life as it was then and compares that with what she sees going on about her now. She tells too, of how she was able to keep all the menfolk in their places. Well, nearly all – excepting for the stranger who came by to peddle the malleable bronze metal that was ultimately, to nuke her flint arrowhead business!

The book will give you a fun summer read (well it is summer now in my part of the world :-) It offers escapism and women power and a satisfying demonstration of the good triumphing over the bad and bigoted.

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