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The Doctor’s Wife
ISBN: 0670033162

By Elizabeth Brundage
Review by: B. Gayle Boles


The novel The Doctor’s Wife by Elizabeth Brundage is a very interesting first novel. The book grabbed my interest from the first page of the Prologue and kept my interest to the last page. I became very emotionally involved with the characters in this novel. My involvement with these people was assisted by the way Ms. Brundage spoke to us through the alternating voices of the different players in this drama. Using the point of view of each of the main four characters also helped me see why some of the bazaar activities occurred.

My main criticism would be about Ms Brundidge’s frequent use of clichés. It also got a little confusing about whose voice was being heard at times. I suggest that Ms. Brundage limit her use of clichés and figure out a way to make the transition between the different points of view more understandable.

Please continue to write, Ms. Brundage. The novel was fascinating, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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