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Darkness Calls
ISBN: 0373273533

By Caridad Pineiro
Review by: Melissa Flicek


Caridad Pineiro’s Darkness Calls is a wild ride that combines the genres of fantasy, romance, and mystery. It is not an ordinary love story. Smart, sassy FBI agent Diana Reyes is in charge of tracking down a serial killer in New York. Her hunt leads to popular nightclub, The Lair, and to Ryder Latimer, the owner. Both Reyes and Latimer know what it is like to live in darkness; one numbed into a loveless life after her father’s tragic death while the other forced into the dead half-life of a vampire during an incident during the Civil War. However, from the moment they meet – there is more life surging between them than either can handle. The narrative winds its way through perspective shifts as each battle their desires, fears and inner demons.

Darkness Calls is a scintillating tale of lust, love and loss that will lure you in with its believable characters and fast-paced plot. It will warm you on a cold winter’s night with its steamy passages, relentless action and dark deeds as you devour page after page. Pineiro’s novel will keep you on your toes as you attempt to solve the case of a serial killer and determine whether love can exist between a mortal and a member of the undead.

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