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Are You in the Mood?
ISBN: 0-7582-0335-7

By Stephanie Lehmann
Review by: Moira Richards


Stephanie Lehmann is a playwright as well as a novelist, so it is not surprising that both her novels revolve around Off Off Broadway theatre productions. Her first novel, Thoughts While Having Sex, peeks into the life of a young playwright and this her second, into that of a not-so-young-any-more actress.

Camille Chaplin wants it all: love, marriage, security, a cute baby – and stardom! But she has been twenty-nine years old for about six years already. She’s devoted almost all of her life to becoming a world famous actress, but so far she’s only make it as far as Off Off Broadway and she’s getting a little desperate. Her biological clock plays a trick on her and before she knows it she’s a mother at just the time when her career needs her to be single and free.

But Camille is the consummate professional and even if she is not on a stage, she will direct the performance of her life. She knows all the tricks of the acting trade and she is prepared to do anything to make into the bigtime. And so we join her on her path to getting her name up in the lights.

Another fun and slightly over the top read from Stephanie Lehmann for when you are next in the mood for some escapist fiction.

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