Review by: Kathy Bosworth


Crossing the Chemo Room
by Lonna Lisa Williams

This non-fiction account of a young woman’s battle with a rare type of breast cancer is honest and well written. Lonna’s style of writing is easy to read and draws the reader into her life with little difficulty.

Imagine being a young mother and hearing the dreaded word cancer. For many, the word alone conjures up the image of death, helplessness, and becoming bed-ridden. That is not the case in the modern times we live in and Lonna’s book illustrates such. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Lonna had children to care for. One child was only a few months old. She did not have the time to take to her bed and close the shades. She had a husband and a job. She had a life to live. She put one foot in front of the other each day and continued to care for her children, husband, and house. Although the chemo made her sick occasionally, she bravely went about her life with determination and a sense of humor. She wrote a book in the little spare time she had in order to share her story with others.

Lonna’s life was not perfect. But she saw beauty where she could and carried on with her life. Her strong religious beliefs helped her through a difficult time in her life and she shares that with her readers as well. I found this book to be inspirational. Nobody wants to be the one that has to "cross the chemo room." But many must take that walk and reading an honest account of it can be comforting. I feel as if I personally know the author after reading her book. She brought me into her life and I was sorry to see the book come to an end. I would have liked to be part of her life a little longer.

ISBN 1-58898-085-5

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