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more poetry

Ann Gonzalez

 Summer 2006

Air Born

Just born.
Plucked from your blood filled and septic womb.
I have only known you
And you are nearly departed.

My legs, like wings, beat the still night air.
The first step of my journey will not come for many months;
I will lurch forward on feet, curled like the quarter moon,
And just as white.

I have not lain with you on the warm, wet, sod;
Touched green with my nose, hands or feet.
Learned -- no matter the height from which I fall --
That the sweet, dark, fertile earth, I have not yet touched,
Will catch me always.

I know nothing of the earth.
All I know of water is in my mouth and on my lips.
I live in the loving caress of air it holds me.
A breeze kisses me gently on my cheek, my eyes turn up a smile.
No one is closer to me than air; no one attempts to be.

My despair, carried into the charcoal-night by airs sweet breath --
Floats -- buttressed by soil, rich, newly turned, and ready to sprout.





 Ann Gonzalez is an MFA student at the Whidbey Writers Workshop. WWW is the first MFA program to be offered by a collective of writers outside of a university. Ann has had works of fiction and non-fiction published in verbsap.com, Aikido Today and In the Family magazines. "Airborn" is the first poem of hers to be published; taking the brave first steps of a child and leading the way for others.

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