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Moira Richards, Editoral Board Member

I live in a small town, between the mountains and the sea, on the southern coast of South Africa. Hold a degree in Accounting Science and another in English and Theory of Literature and completed a post-grad course in Gender Studies, all by correspondence with the University of South Africa.

Have been an accountant since the days when financial transactions were recorded with fountain pens, when columns of figures were totaled with the aid of noisy machines that spewed out long ribbons of paper, when the totals were transcribed (with pre-Tippex care) into vast Dickensian ledgers, and in times when women were not encouraged to enter the profession because they tended to up and marry and waste all that training. Actually, that weren't all that long ago, and I'm not so very old either, but it does explain why I embrace technology so gladly.

My English degree was earned over a period of 25 years, each course added as and when I had time to spare from the business of life - career, husband, kids and yes, a succession of cats. It was my treat for myself, often my sanity, and always an essential break from the business of numbers in which I found myself. Lately I have been doing the mid-life change thing and am trying to do more work of the writing kind and less of the accounting kind.

I do a weekly Women Abuse column at

and am a volunteer Staff Writer for Writer Online Marketplace

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