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Nichole Lariscy Griffith,
Scholarly Publications Editor

Nichole is a doctoral student in English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She received her Master's of Arts in Liberal Studies from Northwestern University in 1998. While diving into her studies, Niki is interested in issues of Multi-Culturalism including whiteness studies (especially white trash), African-American studies, racism studies, and Southern studies. She is also interested in the intersection of motherhood and scholarship, particularly because this union (or split) exemplifies her life.

While not surfing through academia, Niki is the very proud mother of a 3 year old boy named Eamon, who often reminds her to "Let us laugh." She also has a husband, Randall, who is finishing up his doctoral work in neuro-psychology.

Niki says: "Its unusual to be the mother of a toddler AND a graduate student, but the combination has its rewards. Summers free. . .flexible schedules. . .a worldy-wise Mommy. . .and a VERY material beautiful little body to keep me grounded in the 'real' world beyond my letters and words. I'd like to prove by my life that one CAN be a mother and a scholar--and do both well."

While not trying to wade through this balance, Niki can be found with her family on their new ski boat, which they couldn't afford but bought anyway. (We love credit!) At other times, Niki likes to watch and play "Blue's Clues" with her son and Stanley Kubrick films with her husband.

Nichole is also a charter member of Women Writers' Editorial Board, launched Winter 2001.

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