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Dr. Natasha Whitton, Co-Editor
Book Reviews Editor

Tasha has a Ph.D. in Modern History and Literature from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. Her areas of particular interest include Twentieth Century American poetry, fiction and drama and Contemporary American social and intellectual history. In her dissertation, she explored the fiction of Bobbie Ann Mason and its relationship to her autobiography, Clear Springs, in an effort to look at the larger implications of life writing, genre, and the female memoir.

Education: After graduating from a pre-med program at Eureka College with a major in biology and a minor in literature, Tasha completed an M.A. in British and American Literature as a Jesse Stuart fellow at Murray State University. As an undergraduate, she also had the opportunity to study at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, and she recently completed a fellowship as a women’s studies visiting scholar at Tulane University. She completed her PhD in September 2005.

Experience: Since 2000, Tasha has been a part of the English Faculty at Southeastern Louisiana University where she teaches Composition and surveys of American, British, and World Literature. She loves being in the classroom. Even though most of her writing is non-fiction and academic, she participated in the summer institute of the Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project in 2005 and is dipping her toe into the vast world beyond the traditional conference paper or journal publication. Her vita is available at her faculty website.

Personal: Tasha lives with her husband and their cat, Semper, who has recently undergone a major life-altering battle with what the vet called “mega colon” which has transformed him from a decidedly plump feline to a lithe kitty who always seems to be hungry. Tasha is also a mother to Zoe, a beautiful girl who is teaching us all to slow down and look at the world through smaller eyes, and her son Aidan. In her free time, Tasha alleviates stress with retail therapy, piano playing, and baking. She has never had the chicken pox, measles, mumps, or been bitten by anything with a stinger.

Natasha is a charter member of Women Writers' Editorial Board, launched Winter 2001.

Authors and Publishers:
If you would like to offer a review copy of book, please email Tasha at nwhitton@selu.edu with a description so that she can secure a reviewer. She works with over one hundred reviewers throughout the United States and around the world. If you are not interested in sending a book to an international reviewer, please make a note of this fact in your email. When someone agrees to review the book, Tasha will send you an address so that the book can be mailed directly to that reviewer. Her mailing address for press kits is:

Natasha Whitton
Southeastern Louisiana University
Department of English
SLU 10861
Hammond, LA 70402

Sending a review copy does not guarantee that your book will receive a review or that any resulting review will be positive.
E-books authors, please send a query to nwhitton@selu.edu before sending any attachments.

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